Surfing So -Cal. A lil Corner of L.A Sapphire St, Redondo Beach CA

15857_524356261036793_2723294154585457183_n 10303877_433723740100046_8777787618433692352_nIt has been flat here in So-Cal and I’ve been working a regular 9 to 5 in the interim. Therefore to keep ya’ll entertained, I will give ya a few comments and photos from a once in 20 or so year swell. These photos are from December 2014.

This spot is in a ‘lil 200 yard corner of the south bay of L.A County. It will breaks like this once in 20 years so unless you are very young, very lucky or perhaps both you will never surf Sapphire or Topaz aves  this good. As the pressure has increased tremendously on the surfing spots in L.A County so has the the territorial loyalism, therefore prepare for stink eye and worse attempting to surf “Avenues” as the spot is known locally.

It takes a bit of an effort to get down to this spot of the coast and the local “fuzz’ as the police were called by the hippie generation will sweat you pretty hard as well if you don’t fit the atypical west south bay look, which is either Asian or White.

The best wave is generally on the north side of the jetty but the south side can work well too. Any swell action is going to take place in the dead of winter on a north or northwest swell and it takes a very defined angle to make this area turn on.


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