American Guide #155 More Downtown Santa Ana,California

youstDowntown Santa Ana most surely has a nice small town feel to it despite being located in the center of the megalopolis of Orange County the epitome of urban sprawl gone a muck. The art deco and 50s/60s and 70s kitsch take me back to my pre-teen and teenage years and it is comforting to see remaining remnants of the past not replaced by the post modern rush of slip form concrete, steel and glass. Step back and forward into the expanse of time enjoy get lost and found. This is California small town in the shadow of Mary Poppins, Pluto and Cinderella.

Clock Tower atop W. H. Spurgeon Building (as seen from 4th street, between Broadway and Sycamore Streets)

The Yost Theater is beyond the Spurgeon street boundary on the block in between Spurgeon and French streetswestcoastclose









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