American Guide San Bernadino Natl Forest, CA

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Last year I was up in  Bakeoven OR. Working for the BLM. I really enjoyed central Oregon and the crew I worked with. I had a few difficulties and was dismissed from my assignment early. Despite being a bit disappointed and crestfallen, I learned from that experience. and two very important things come immediately  to mind, have all my ducks in order, and don’t try to change the (work) culture. As I mentioned I enjoyed Oregon immensely, especially several of the BLM management, names are not important for this lil article but one fella is a cowboy another a writer /riverman and I even have mad respect for the straight shooting Mormon who had to pull the plug on my employment and his boss Mis M. She wrote me a nice letter that I am sure helped me get employeed with another agency. I will call the my boss “The Nev.” The Nev gave me a shot, more than a shot and so did  Cowboy and Riverman. More than a shot actually. Things just kept going wrong for me, it was not a work ethic issue, I worked hard and followed directions to the letter, (once Miss M saw me on a very remote site, busting ass with chain saw and weed wacker at the end of a box canyon, solo in 111 degree heat just killing myself.) My problem was personal issues, one after another.

I got to give it up to a former BLM River Ranger and fellow Army Veteran as well his wife and a certain female river guide turned BLM River Ranger and her room-mate. They really made me feel welcome and looked out for me. More than I can express in simple words, that is for sure. They knew I was struggling and spoke up on my behalf as well as went the extra mile to help me.I am grateful. Well I got hired on as a  Forest Service Rec Tech in San Bernardino National Forest. It is as different from Oregon as night is from day well actually not that drastic. Heck both locations are high desert after all and both agencies are gigantic bureaucracies. The mission statements are similar yet also unique. More on that later. For now dig on Lone Pine Canyon, San Berdu ,CA.


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  1. I’m glad your doing good. From, River Guide Ranger

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