American Guide.# 200 San Bernadino National Forest. Lytle Creek



As I stated in a previous entry Lytle Creek is an entirely different ball of wax errrr graffiti and animal than Maupin OR and the Deshutes River. To begin, the San Bernardino Forest and Lytle Creek Ranger Station are located in the backyard of 15 or 20 million people vs Maupin OR population 400 and sparsely populated Wasco County. The 1-15 corridor of Las Vegas to L.A, I-215 corridor for San Berdu, Indio, and Riverside counties allow quick access to the forest. Unfortunately the manners and or mentality of a few of these folks is much to be desired and they abuse the forest. Lytle Creek previously unbeknownst to me is known as the armpit of the Forest Service in CA and perhaps the west.This is not a detraction from the natural beauty but rather the clients and the abuse they perpetrate on the forest and Forest Service personel. Well when in the armpit be the deodorant I always say. That little idiom is mine btw feel free to use it. Secondly the mountains and extremely rugged terrain of San Bernardino range are quite different in scope and terrain than Deshutes canyon area. For instance Mt Baldy is 10,000 Ft and Goblers Knob is approx 6000ft above Lytle Creek. The desert floor gives away quickly in a steep verticle ascent as the sagebrush and chaparal give way to a sparse connifer forest. It is verly lovely and I recommend the hike. The Pacific Crest Trail intersects here at Goblers Knob.


Much of my time is spent doing Forest Protection Officer work and sanitation. What really breaks my heart is the abuse and complete disregard for conservation and protection of the forest by a small percentage of numbskulls that ruin recreating for the general public.


Well, we do what we can and despite the abuse and the forest still has its charm and enchantment(s). I really enjoy taking folks out into the rugged outback of San Bernadino mountians and especially Baldy Mesa. I spent many a days and nights as a youth snowboarding and camping on Mt Baldy.

Sights to see are Goblers Knob and Stone House for sure. For now, avoid Middle Fork as much gang activity and trouble goes on over there. I hope to report soon we will have a handle on the situation over at Middle Fork by the pools as the raperian zone is very soothing. The area just needs some tender care and rehabilitation.


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