American Guide #203 Surfing Southern California. Redondo Beach.

DSCI0648DSCI0643DSCI0655This lil corner of Los Angeles’ South Bay is not know for summer time surf. However just when you thought you knew it all, the ocean throws a curve at you and if you can hit a curve than swing batter swing!

As I popped up over the rise from Veteran’s park, on my beach combing activities, I noticed the playful peak also popping up on the north side of the jetty. The spot know affectionately as the avenues, is swarming with activity. 10 or 20 surfers in and out of the line slipping and sliding their way to Nirvana and Kurt C was nowhere in sight. The most enthusiastic surfing is done by a gaggle of 12 to 16-year-old girls taking over the peak. Tan, lean and broad shouldered the display of gusto and joy is a sight to behold for any surfer worth an ounce of salt water.

Along with he girls was mom and her brood of prepubescent groms. Young Billy I dubbed the “Wiggler” displaying an all to commen trait young male Menehunes suffer from…an over abundance of wanting to hit the lip before being able to flow.

As I turn back to my seaweeed pickings, smiling I breath in deep as it does in fact smell like teen spirit.

DSCI0650DSCI0658 DSCI0660


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