Mary and I, aka pornography the ugly truth

Men bought her and abused her, drugged her beat her and bought her items to keep using her. Several times Mary told me she was unable to feel love but at the time I could not understand this statement. Only years after she unceremoniously and most vehemently had the Las Vegas police arrest and jail me on a bogus charge did I understand she really meant what she said. Her ability to feel real love has been so blunted almost extinguished. Almost. You see I looked into her soul and I saw that flicker of goodness, I saw and felt her react to genuine affection and love.

Ot is such a very long story for sure. I am getting it all down and perhaps you read these excerpts and notations from my journal.

I was unable to buy her the extravagant jewelry and baubles the wealthy johns and what not bought her, however we would go to Shucks family bar and order Oysters Rockafeller and she would say, “Awwww shucks laughing.She could never quite snap her fingers but she tried her best for sure.

Combing the beach I would find a whole sand dollar, the sand dollars in Cali are very delicate and to find a whole sand dollar you got to have a sharp eye. I would wrap it in plastic and package it very carefully and mail it to her. Praying she would understand the fragility and concept behind the gift. Praying to God would will her and answer my prayer to remove her from the sex industry and heal her mind, soul and heart.


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