Truth Honesty and Absolutism.


The Republican party has fielded a varied and diversified field of candidates vying for a nomination and the Democratic machine is force feeding and regurgitating a sad sack stable of never was beens, a socialist pandering to a public that they deserve everything and anything free, and perhaps the most corrupt,, dishonest and absolute evil politician since 2008, H.Clinton of the dishonest Clinton Klan of American aristiocracy.
The big surprise (not) are two decidedly non-politicians front running on the Republican side of the filthy coin.

I recently watched Man of Steel a Superman film. What struck me is Superman’s integrity and his ability to do what is honest, just and right.

Americans are yearning for honesty and truth in government, politicians,and society.From the horror story that is the poor, morally bankrupt Kardashians to the current administration’s criminal behavior (not that any other has been any less dishonest, but just to focus in on the present.) Our nation is ethically bankrupt. From Louis Lerner purgering herself to Eric Holder’s biased and criminal “investigations” and operations to Hillary Cilnton’s criminal acts to President Obama’s illegal executive acts to the Supreme Courts unlawful legislation of laws. Citizens must stand up to the aristocracy and unlawful behavior. However we accept statments such as, I cann not confirm nor deny the alligation. This sort of obfuscation and dishonesty must no longer be excepted by citizens. Yet we must demand much more especially honesty from politicians and government appointees. An objective absolutism of solution to the problems that often stem from rotten moral and ethical behavior. We only have to look at biblical examples such as King Ahab and his court and see what happens to nations that conduct policies such as euthanasia and abortion. Far fetched you say? Well a nation that has killed upwards of 20 million children in abortions and supports agencies with tax dollars to conduct this slaughter,( Planned (non) Parenthood) is a sure example of a nation gone wrong in many opinion’s and the Word of God. When we start putting elders to death (dying with dignity?) convincing them to die and not endure any pain, we are really in trouble as a people. Life often more than not involves enduring pain. Whether you believe Jesus is God or not, He existed and endured the pain of human existence and suffering when he could have walked away from it. Can you grasp this concept? This is where I believe socialists have it wrong. Government is not supposed to provide everything we need as a people. We have got to work and produce for our selves and be charitable to help others. Government has a limited role as defined by the U.S Constitution. Look into it. I am sure the insurance companies are rubbing their hands together in glee, anticipating a windfall of savings in health care payments as more and more states legislate “dying with dignity” law.

I won’t vote for Trump and it is not that I disagree completely with his platform. My main complaint as to Trump is his shape shifting as to alliances and the duplicity in said alliances. Trump just like politicians has a shady and shifty concept of truth. A relative version that will change when it and where it will serve his means. Exactly as the Islamist radicals carry out their diplomacy and negotiations. They have more in common, business, politics and religion than it appears on the surface no?

I don’t believe Ben Carson’s heart is really in the fray, however I look to him and Ted Cruz as leaders in ethical and moral character is concerned. I don’t believe a word H.Clinton says. She has proved without a doubt to be a liar, a danger to American’s abroad and in military and diplomatic service, and believes herself above the law. If any low level government employee had misused and violated security policy such as H.Clinton has they would be jailed.
I urge you American to really pay attention and get involved. We have to as a people and a nation. It is critical. America needs a Superman/Superwoman.
Calling all and any to step up to the plate as I will be on your team and lead off for sure!


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  1. Paul Cruikshank Says:




    • If you think Mike, I am the 16 year old boy in my memoirs you are mistaken. However this does appear to be a common trait of those that have read 1978 Crashed Memories. I am a 53 year old U.S Army Veteran among other things such as a credentialed Japanese instructor and counselor. If you think the left libs have a lock on punk rock you are either naïve or ignorant to the genre. As far as my political affiliation, I am undeclared of political party. Thanks for reading and later!

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