Give Em Enough Rope!


Don’t be dissuaded by the title homeie! The Clash Lp by the same name is a fav of mine as well as the idiom my grandfathers. The above (self portrayal) poster for Return To Nuke Em High is another remarkable piece by Toxic Life for Troma Entertainment, Toxic Life is out of Philadelphia PA via L.A and now residing in NYC. The graphic artist extraordinaireis also an actor, muscian and all around good guy and I am stoked to call him friend. Toxic Life lived above my surf shop as a runaway teen. afterall I was a runaway too. Way back essse.


I took an interest in the kid and encouraged him, gave him work when I had it and most importantly mentored and befriended him. I am very proud and stoked at his success and talent. The logos on my surfboards are some of his early work he did for me. I had an idea he made it reality!

Responsibility is a two-way street chief, it is also reciprocal and the synergy is infectious. Take an interest in another person’s welfare and success. It will benefit all society,large and small big and tall! Dig it?


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