Rest in Peace Brian Zarate

brian grind 10516894_10152677911164626_974869691142030724_nConversation and deliberation and  discussion. The laughter and despair, confusion and certainty. Our discussions ran the gamut as did our friendship. Sun rise to sunset, an all nighter when we were younger and crazier for sure. Like that wild brawl in the Baldwin’s backyard you could be fierce and angry but you did not hold a grudge. At least not towards me.  In the surf or at a party you were always there  to lend a hand or  take part in the event.

Your love of animals especially dogs gave you great joy and I could count on seeing you early in the am with  your dogs.

Brian you cared man,  about the neighborhood, the scene and the world.  Pursuing your craft of acting and writing you had passion, man. What I really appreciate about you Brian, you were real man. You supported me when others did not.

A real friend.

Thank you homie.

I will miss you as will the homies from VBWL and the world over. You made an impact hermano.  May the Lord Jesus comfort and heal your friends and family in this time of loss.

Brian Z a10th


3 Responses to “Rest in Peace Brian Zarate”

  1. Rest in peace Brian and Madi…. My love to all his family, friends and furry friends…and mostly to his love and partner, my dearest friend, Allana Ayoub. May those who have survived him find peace in this tragic loss. Thank you Geri for the nice tribute page.

  2. Anita Molina (Romo) Says:

    I love you Brian and I always will my friend…
    Rest in the heavens above my Angel

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