American Guide #191 C Street Ventura California Gold!

CsrFriday Feb 12th, 2016. Buena  Ventura, California. Us old time surf cats that were brought up on weather reports, surf checks, tide books, no leashes, black wets suits, etc instinctively know without a surf cam or internet where, what, how, and when to score gold.


Yeah it was moving, man; everything was moving. Especially the current and it was easy to get swept into the pier or tossed up on the boulders, even for the experienced.   So very moving to meet friends and make a few new ones.  The waves were moving like a  freight train down the point and you could her the real freight train horn as you were out in the line up.Surreal but real. Such a rush of sensations, the cold H20, sunshine, roaring waves, wind, the smell of salt and surf wax, the train going by on the tracks…..California gold. Addendum: I just noticed the typo in the video it reads 2/13/16. Ha ha too much fun in the sun, surf and sea pickled me noodle, i bit me thinks. See all ya’ll out there(?)

Geri Lewis's photo.

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