Witness and testimony. Places you most likely will never skate. Eugene Oregon




Big shout out to homeboy Dan Clements singer for Venice thrash band Excel for his hospitality putting me up for a few days. Eugene is a very pleasant small city and is home to the University of Oregon. The city has a beautiful and state of the art skatepark. Like most skateparks it has its disenfranchised and marginalized folks hanging out, smoking dope, drinking and loitering around the place. It appears homeless live in the park or on the railroad tracks which cross under the freeway where the skatepark is located.

I met a few kids on the west end of town as they hit me up for money. I had a bunch of groceries and Anti-Matter stickers punk band out of Hawaii and L.A) , so I gave them food for their stomach and soul as well as a few stickers. Yes I gave them my testimony of being homeless, being a veteran, a punk rocker, being involved with an infamous woman in pornography etc. Seeing an old geezer ripping around on a skateboard allows me an “in” to kid that are resitant or unwilling to hear about Jesus. The stickers also help. I just tell them about who I was prior to accepting Jesus as Lord and who I am now. I skated around town eventually making it to the skatepark.

The fore mentioned riff raff and wholesome kids and adult all get down and do the concrete boogie at the skatepark, which is free, very rippable! I did not see One Time at the sk8park and I did not wear pads or helmet but I just flowed around the park. I could not afford to bust myself up as I am on major N.W tour of the USA and must report unscathed to me new job in Yakima WA in a week. Sakters don’t die, we multiply! Upon my return to the west side of town, I skated through the center of downtown and was jammed up by 5.0. He help me up for a bit and told me no skating in downtown. I gave him my I.D and Veteran I.D and after the preliminary B.S we talked and he was pleasant enough and did not cite me adding have a good stay in Eugene. All in all Eugene is a great city!


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