American Guide. The Sports Center Yakima Washington

fixedw_large_4xOnce again, the cool retro look of the swiveling duck hunter billboard attracted my attention while hanging around DTY (Down Town Yakima) after a brisk 1000 meter swim at the YMCA. Having worked up a decent appetite , I walked into the establishment and got down to the business of ordering grub. The waitress barmaid, a college age kid  was helpful but a bit of a snot. She recommended the burgers. I opted for the advertised “Carolina” pulled pork. As I previously written any sort of meat, is a once in a month affair so the fair hopefully is appetizing.  Having plenty of kin from N.C (look up the Gardner clan) I am well accustomed to Tar heel style pulled pork BBQ sandwich. I waited patiently as the  fair arrived with a side of fried yam fries. Inspecting the sandwhich it had the customary and obligatory cole slaw fixings on top and was pulled nicely, juicy and hot.


. The aroma of a vinegar base met my approval and I anticipated a great sandwich . Digging in, however the vinegar base was overwhelming not complimentary to the meat and slaw. It was as if I was drinking a cup of white vinegar. The yam fries were a nice side, served up hot and salty with catsup or frie sauce. The waitress put up a new bottle of catsup on the counter for me to use and did not remove the safety seal. Removing the seal and squeezing out the catsup, her tip was reduced a third. It is the details that make or break a good dining experience as well as getting a good tip or review. The tip was as the meal and service, adequate but nothing exceptional not worth the 13.00 price tag.


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