Immigration policy. Mexican American (?)

citxThe very first Spanish word I learned is queso (cheese) as it rhymes with my surname. I reckon if you cared you can do a search and find out what it is. In any case growing up in So-Cal. Venice CA for that matter having a rudimentary understanding of the language and culture was just part of growing up. Knowing about La migra and Coyotes,  cholos and rukas, fijoles and tortillas was just par for the course.

Having rough 50 years of experience with the culture, I made  mental note of sorts.Many  Mexican -Americans in So-Cal  are unable to differentiate  nationality with ethnicity. There is little talk of being American, wanting American citizenship and the responsibility of said citizenship. Mexican flags fly in yards and the re-conquistadora theme is often expressed.

I have facilitaed on the issue of a pathway to citizenship often, going back and forth as to how amenesty cheapens my citizenship and deprives others of  legal immigration a nd a need to legalize people and end the unlawful resident problem facing the U.S

However moving to eastern Washington state, Yakima County, I am pleasantly surprised to find the large population of Mexican folks very pro-USA,  wanting to speak English, to participate in American politics, to acclimate and contribute positively to American society.

Of course they identify ethnically as Mexican, yet they are just as prideful of being American even if they do not even have citizenship. Many of their children are Americans  and are  great kids. I think if more Mexican folks down in the southwest would the attitude of contribution and acclimation rather than hostility and demands, many more Americans would be much more willing to a solve the problem(s) that will benifit all involved.We must  end the problem of citizenship and border security in America.We can do it as a people.




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