Yakima Trolley Car

YVT 1776 West.Pine Street Line.Student Trip II.Yakima  WA.5.29.2016.1518.Ms. Nikki Burgess
The Yakima Valley Trolley cars and system are a way to experience life 100 years ago today! Such a wonderful example of mechanical the brilliance and engineering of the 19th century. The electrical generating system is a marvel. I half expected Frankenstein’s monster to walk out of a nook and strangle me! Seriously folks, the system is an ongoing working restoration and preservation effort. The staff is all volunteers and very enthusiastic about the YVT and that the visitor enjoy and learn about the YVT and Yakima area. 20160529_144514

Shake, rattle and roll everybody. Shake, Rattle and Roll! Yes friends that is me at the controls of a 13 ton 100 year old trolley car! The motorman will allow you to drive the trolley for a short way under his watchful eye. As i showed a great deal of enthusiasm and asked the motor man also allowed me into the trolley barn were he flipped the switch and to life the 19th industrial revolution whirred into life! Just look at the belts which are leather, joined by steel staples.May I say remarkable? I recommend the YVT to all who visit the fair city of Yakima.




20160529_155010YVT 1776 West.Pine Street Line.Student Trip.Yakima  WA.5.29.2016.1516.Ms. Nikki Burgess



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