What a surfer eats! Rodeo City Ellensburg WA


After a difficult week of work and mediocre meals of sack lunches and late night leftovers, I decided to treat myself to a swim in the Pacific ocean. What does this have to do with a delicious once a month allowance of beef? Read on good friend read on as I finally have a review that is above fair to middling on the culinary experience.

I decided to head west on highway 97 to cool off and dip into the great body of H20 the Pacific ocean. A 21/2 to 3 drive I pass through the agricultural township of Ellensburg WA. As I pull off highway 97 I noticed the friendly looking BBQ joint and head on in. The restaurant is about half full and wrapping up for the evening. The young waitresses all appear to be college kids attending CWSU. They are cheerful and pleasant and seat me immediately, recommending a few standard BBQ items on the menu. I opt for the Tri-tip with cornbread and coleslaw on the side. As I ordered coffee after slaking my thirst and knocking of road dust with a tall glass of cool water, an equally pleasant elderly woman who I assumed was the owner informed me she was making a new pot and would I mind waiting. I replied, “I would not mind at all.” The coffee arrived hot and tasty. She made small talk with me for a bit and moved on to attend to other customers.
The Tri-tip arrived in several minutes with all the fixings. I dug in and the medium cooked steak, done to perfection! I applied just a bit of steak sauce to the meat and savored the flavor as it rested on my palate. Juicy, flavorful and robust. It was delightful. The cornbread is made from scratch sweet, warm and moist. I only added a small amount of butter to bring out all the flavor of the cake. The coleslaw was also made to perfection, not soggy and not dry and not over sweat with just the amount of tang resting on the back of my tongue. The price with tip for the service was also a very reasonable 27.00 and I bought a bottle of the BBQ sauce as it is the joints recipe not off the shelf. All in all a wonderful dining experience!


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