American Guide Toppenish WA




20160618_151201Lazy day dream all day lay back and dream on a lazy day. Lyrics from the illustrious Jimi Hendrix whose body is buried several hundred miles from Toppenish WA. The sky is a brilliant blue and a creeping whitish haze is approaching from the east. Toppenish is and was a western frontier farming and ranching community now located on the Yakama Nation Reservation.20160618_143128[1]



The town embraces and cherishes its heritage and culture and does nothing to enhance nor revise the history of the area and peoples, which unfortunately liberal ideology is doing on a regular basis in the name of “social justice.” Living on the Yakama Reservation is much akin to attending a living history class. The history is here to read, to touch and smell and to hear. You will be surprised by much of it as well as pleased. Damn the revisionists. Truth or Bust! Dig on the remarkable murals depicting the people and actions of not so long ago. 20160619_160218


20160618_152216Washington, Yakama


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