What’s your L.A Story?

What is your L.A Story? I have never believed in coincidence. You?

As and the plane’s captain made a final announcement to prepare for  landing,  the aluminum skinned, jet powered “bird” banked into a final approach into LAX or Los Angeles International Airport. Peering out the porthole oh so very familiar and sights. landmarks and scenery greeted me as an old flame greets a lonely forsaken lover.   L.A  city  surreal, unreal and all to real.   My birth place is actually in Santa Monica, CA and I grew up in Venice, CA.  I was delivered from my mother’s womb at Saint Johns hospital (same as my brother) which has become prominent to caring and hospice for celebrity  patients. Both my grandparents also died at St. Johns by the way.  However to most folks Santa Monica is a boulevard in L.A that homosexual prostitutes ply their trade when it passes through Hollywood  or  a Catholic Saint. Therefore often I just say I am from L.A. The  city I made my bones, partial instrument of my demise, and crucible of my recovery from substance abuse.   Oh L.A, such a terrible paradise of inequity, despair , delicious surf and sun, the pretentious and the perverted, the unassuming  and holy,  wealthy and poverty stricken and any other adjective, adverb, metaphor and idiom one cares to toss about to describe the teeming  megalopolis.

The city contains my fingerprints , DNA and rap sheet. I’ve been wanting to hand off the Venice Surf-A-Thon surf contest for the past 5 years or so to a capable couple of youths or semi-young adults however so far they have not stepped up to the plate. I never envisioned the surf contest out living me or many of my compadres but it just may  take place. The Venice skatepark  (above me in the photo) was unceremoniously ripped from me after 20 years of work to have it constructed. Just before I could install the complete vision of a community based self -help/employment center and union.

Two sided politics-S.T

. I am sporting a tshit- photo os Sui-Cyco girl Rita back in the dizzy 80s. My recovery from a myriad of substance abuse is on going and necessary for my survival. It is not that I don’t want to…it is I can’t if I want to remain sane. This is where the used skateboard deck comes in. A matter of service. Another homie asked me to get a deck signed by a few of the famous and infamous. Done deal.

Thank you for allowing me to be of service.




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