American Guide: Museum of Glass. Tacoma WA.

Mosaic of Portland OR. Artist Lino

Mosaic of Portland OR. Artist Lino

20160611_125402Culture and art the artist and artesian. All have been cheapened by this horrible double edged sword known as the internet. “I don’t have to buy it. I will look it up on you tube.” How often have you heard that phrase? I’ve been out in the sticks for a bit and I was feeling like washing the dust off, so I headed for me old friend the Pacific Ocean. On the way I stopped to meet up with another old friend Rene, and we decided to take in a ballet recital and the Museum of Glass in Tacoma WA.

Mosaic on glass.

Mosaic on glass.

Tacoma Washington, the town has rough and tumble and colorful history. Tough and calloused as longshoreman’s hands and just as rich with the history of building America. Tacoma is a working persons town and is chock full of sights and sounds of industry. The Museum of Glass celebrates that industrious and mesmerizing medium of expression and utility known as glass. I have included pictures of the pieces I enjoyed most. The colors are eye popping and muted just as varied as the artisans and their subject matter. Enjoy the art work and the artist while you can!20160611_125606.jpg

Glass vases

Glass vases



Glass fruit display

Glass fruit display




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