What a Surfer Eats. Grow your own Green Garden & Raising Livestock.

Field of Dill ready to harvest

Field of Dill ready to harvest


20160610_201329Whoaaa cowboy what sort of surfer lives in eastern WA? Well pardner, the sort of surfer that grew up in the So-Cal in school of ass whooping localism at the Venice Breakwater and Jetty, Lunada Bay, Redondo Breakwater, Silver Strand. Cut me big wave skills living in Hawaii and surfing the North Shore and other remote outer island reefs. This here¬†transplanted city slicker turned hick, paid his dues in pilgrimages to Bali, Philippines, Japan, Fiji, Micronesia, Africa, Europe and many other parts of the globe. Man I just became fed up and overwhelmed with the overcrowding out of control prices of real-estate, food, the decline in the standard of living in So-Cal and the erosion of citizen’s rights in California overall. It is certainly a case of taxation without representation, denial of liberty and suppression of Christian religious thought and exercise of religious belief, and a general decline in morality. So I opted out and ended up in the great state of Washington. On the Yakima Nation Reservation of all places.
Hey surfer joe this is a food piece remember? Save your politics for another column, ok? Yeah man will do.


I have been learning plenty about gardening and farming and livestock these past four months. The first thing I will say is it is a lot of hard work. Secondly and just as importantly the food taste so much better. Thirdly it is much more nutritious and satisfying eating homegrown organically grown livestock and produce. Finally I sleep like a rock after putting in 8 to 10 hours at the regular gig and another 5 or 6 farming. Out here with the Thomas family with whom I rent and room and share in the labor as well as rewards we farm organically and without combustion machinery when possible. Mr. Thomas likes to sharpen his scythe blades on a grindstone and make his own hay. Let me tell you compadre, cutting & bucking hay, tilling fields, running down breakaway horses and slaughtering chickens and goats, will make you physically and constitutionally very strong. Now we are enjoying the first crops of the planting season and the garden and orchard are coming on strong! Check out some of the fruits and vegies, farm animals and contraptions out here at the base of Mt Adams near Ft Simcoe WA.


2 Responses to “What a Surfer Eats. Grow your own Green Garden & Raising Livestock.”

  1. Suzanne E Carlin Says:

    Fresh fruit and veggies are the best, plus it’s an awesome workout!!!

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