American Guide. Yakima Nation Reservation Washington USA.

20160401_094040_Burst01 Hello or áay (sounds similar to the English word “eye”) is a friendly greeting in Yakama Tribe language. Life is very different “On the Rez” As the locals are fond of saying. Yes sir, different in customs, language, expectations, opinion and weather.

Wow the weather, scenery and solitude are remarkably beautiful and tranquil, hostile and brutal. This description happens within seconds. The weather can be crystal clear, sky blue and 107 in the shade and within seconds become 30 degrees cooler, dark and gloomy with pregnant clouds virtually touching down on the chaparral. Remarkable. Mt Adams dominates the horizon and looms omnipresent and is easy to realize why tribal member revere (as well as others) and in some cases worship the mountain. I enjoy the solitude most. Often I will sit in the chaparral a creek as the wind will whip off the Cascades and down the valley. Best watch out for bears, cougar, elk, rattlesnakes and other varmints or you may possible come up missing. Yeah. Off the beaten path does not begin to describe “life on the Rez” and I will be giving you tidbits now and again. What I will write for now is, take most preconceived notions and trash them. Especially the last 50 years of recent revisionist history written by folks that have never set foot on a American Native Nation.






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