Places you will most likely never Surf. Westport Washington USA

The salt air and breeze is such a nice change from the desert and mountain air I think as the trusty and battered Toyota I affectionately  call ‘Lil Tuffy rolls to a stop in a loose gravel parking lot adjacent to the Steep Water Surf Shop.steepwater

I luck out as the shopkeeper is just locking the doors and agrees to open back up and rent me a board and wetsuit. He is very friendly and kicks me down a Veteran discount to boot. The renatl is $30.00 board suit and booties.

The breaks are not far at all perhaps 5 min drive down into the warf and state park section of town. The locals said I scored as the weather is a balmy 80 degrees, sunny and glassy waves. The wave action was fairly tame but I’m out of surf shape and to be honest as much as I don’t like to admit I have slowed down in my middle age. I’ve developed some aches and stiffness in the hips as well as other joints. I just do not stand up very quickly any longer. I use a 8’foot board and I’m thinking a 9’3 would have been a much better choice. In any case I am stoked to be out in the 58 degree H2O enjoying the ocean and fun beach break in glassy conditions. I  surfed a slow rolling peak to myself away from the main peak which is a refracting wave off the big jetty. I ditch the booties as they are too club like and I’ve never liked booties in the first place. I am stoked to be in the water floating, paddling, surfing and enjoying the abundance. The shore is littered with massive sand dollars, clams, seagulls and driftwood. There are several driftwood fires burning and folks cooking up fish and clams.

As I trudge up and over the  the sand dunes plenty of locals and visitors mill about in the parking lot as with any surf spot. The Washington locales I encounter are all stoked and very good natured and friendly, no hostility encountered.

During the evening  I hang around the waves and eat at a spot named Aloha Alabama’s. The food is good but a bit expensive. I crash out in my car and session again in the morning before heading out after returning the gear. Finally I purchase fresh caught albacore for 3 dollars a pound at the docks. All in all a very pleasant time.


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