Places you most likely will never skate. Central Washington State Fair.Yakima

img_20161001_2028471img_20161001_1922131There Aint Nothing To Do might be a fav song of mine by The Dead Boys but it is far from any reality of mine. I can always find something to do. Skateboarding down Fair Ave in Yakima WA, oiling up the curb onto the sidewalk heading to the annual Central State Fair, a horn I recognize as a bus horn giving me ample warning. Pushing on down the  sidewalk, the bus slows and friendly voice through the open passenger doors says,  “I am going to the fair. Do you want a ride?” “Sure.” I reply. The bus halts and I board remarking this would never happen in the big city. Most of the passengers smile and nod in agreement. One man remarks, “You bettcha.”

Disembarking I notice a fe youth and hand em a few stickers exchanging salutations and take my place in line. Reaching the teller I ask for a Veteran discount and  buy a ticket for $ 8.00.

All the trappings and delights great me upon embarking the midway. Yes the old standards and go tos we have come to expect at a state fair. Taffy and Kettle Corn, BBQ and Lemonade, Pickles and Cole Slaw. Screams of terror/excitement exude  from the caged Zipper cars and toddlers cry wanting to get off the Dumbo ride they had just thrown a tantrum about wanting to ride.  The aromas, sights and sounds embrace the senses, a wonderful and simple pleasure.  I head into the sewing exhibit and take in the remarkable homespun talents of the needle and thread.  The docent a very nice elderly woman and I exchange conversation. We are in agreement it is a shame a crying shame there are those who continue to devalue and debase the extraordinary talents and efforts of pioneers that and homesteaders that brought this practical art west. Quilting/sewing is Americana. It is beautiful as it is practical.

Of course the many varieties of live stock  and produce are on display and are a wonder to behold. A virtual cornucopia of vegetables, fruits, grains and  herbs as well as the machinery to harvest and use to grow, pack and get the items to market. $H clubs and other farming organizations proudly and rightfully display and inform the public of the great necessity, sacrifice and hard work that is the agriculture community.

As the evening continued into the night I watched a good old fashioned figure eight demolition derby. The smell of gasoline and exhaust, the roar of the crowd and jalopies crashing combined for a riotous affair as the winner or better survivor collected his trophy  and 3K

img_20161001_2028471Finally I hung outside the outdoor stage behind the fencing listening as well as watching county star Clint Black play, sing and entertain the crowd, Mr. Black is truly a treat to the ears and the crowd showed their enthusiastic appreciation for him and his talented band. As the evening wound to a close I jumped on my skateboard and rode off into the dark side streets of Yakima the wheels of my skateboarding rolling along the asphalt as I hummed a Clint Black #.




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