Growing up So-Cal. Susan Hirasuna & Jane Yamamoto. Eyewitness News 7

Susan Hirasuna & Jane Yamamoto BOOM! Perhaps I had Asian Fever before I had Asian fever? These two reporters were part of the Channel 7 Eyewitness news team in the late 1980s -early 90s. Coincidence I dated my first Japanese girlfriend in 1993 and began studying Japanese soon thereafter? To coin a favorite song by Suicidal Tendencies written by long time friend Louichi Mayorga and Mike Muir. “They’re Fu#@king with me Subliminally. Oh yeah and there was this lil situation on Venice boardwalk and pavilion were LAPD beat up a BBoys , kids and tourists. Well they did have their police cruisers smashed yeah? See if you can spot a homie. Yeah it was always a difficult choice yet Susan Hirasuna was my go to Japanese reporter  お茶しましょう か . Oh you don’t read Japanese? You poor thing. I will transliterate and translate for you.  Ocha Shimasho ka Susan san?  Would you like to have tea (with me) ? Miss Susan? This is a polite and subtle way to ask for a date with a Japanese woman. That will be $40.00 cash for the Japanese lesson by the way.


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