Jun Flowers

thy9dyn1exLos Angeles. At 8:30am she boarded the Vermont Ave bus.  Everyday. I too rode the great whale back and forth up and down the corridors of the megapolis. Her  hair pulled back in a tight bun revealed the small crows feet around her eyes and the veins running just under her very pale skin. Mind you this is L.A and tan and brown is the complexion most favored by Los Angelinos. I knew instantly she was Korean and greeted her with ahn-nyong-ha-se-yo (good morning). She bowed ever so slightly, sitting down opposite me. Several weeks passed exactly as described. Certainly she had my attention. One hot morning she left her parasol disembarking at Wilshire Ave. Hurriedly I snatched up the parasol, exiting out the back of the bus. I quickly scanned the sidewalk, locating her amongst the throngs of people. Sprinting I presented her the item. She gratefully bowed and covered her face with her hand and ghostlike disappeared before I could ask her name.

Soon thereafter I decided to bring a spray of cut cymbidiums from our garden and give them to her.  Waiting with great anticipation at the bus stop I had the flowers in a brown shopping bag. Boarding the bus, I sat down and before to long we were at Vermont Ave and Wilshire Blvd. Our eyes meet and she demurely barely nodded to me and made to the rear of the bus. Rising I followed her and before she could sit down presented her with the flowers, taking the brown paper bag off to reveal the bright and magnificent colors.  She blushed as bright as the cymbidiums maybe brighter. The color in her cheeks flushed her entire being. Just as remarkable her smile lit up her face as well. Asking her name, she replied in a very thick Korean accent, Jun. My name is Jun.

I began to wonder about Jun. Where did she work, live, hang out? She disappeared so quickly when leaving the bus stop. Daily I watched her via the bus window until she vanished from view on Wilshire Blvd and Vermont Ave. I decided to follow her. As she left the bus this am I quickly slipped out the back exit. Making sure she did not notice me I flowed behind her about a half block. It was easy not to be noticed in the crowd of pedestrians. Jun walked up Vermont and approaching and alley, entered the alley way. I watched her from the cover of two big dumpsters. Jun then quickly went into a business back door protected by a locked security gate. I walked out to Vermont Ave and up to the store front. It read ASIAN MASSAGE on the signage. To be continued…


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