Lords of Seatown. Marginal Way Sk8 Park. Northwest Skateboarding

Skateboarders are a peculiar group. That is for certain. Those that stick around longer than a cursory adolescent interest are rugged and ragged, daring and fierce. None of the tribe would readily admit as much as it would never strike many of us to consider the aforementioned description. It is acquired with the territory.

Looking down the barrel of 60 years of age,  my skateboarding ability has declined but not my membership in the family or nor my affection for the afflicted.
Jay Meer and the Pacific Northwest clan have it bad. The D.I.Y skateparks they have built under freeways and bridges is a testament to their dedication to the sport/art/lifestyle/

The latest assembly of Pacific Northwest skaters and others took place at Marginal Way in Seattle, WA. Jay and crew hosted the urethane tainted shindig in part to raise funds for upkeep and maintenance of the skatepark and of course to fellowship and have a good time.
I got my skate on and ate tens of delicious tacos as the bands and dj laid a sound track to the grinding, clapping, shouting and of course wheels rolling over concrete.

Keep ’em grinding Jay and friends. I salute you!


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