Hello, if you are looking for surfing, skateboarding, swimming,CPR , First Aid ,Lifeguarding, Judo, Japanese language instruction, purchase my music and books, purchase cool and unusual vintage items and memorabilia, looking for custom surfing and skateboarding tours, looking for a FSG or Venice All Stars gig or just to read my thoughts on the state of world affairs, just click an  icon above. Thank you and welcome!


b.May 09, 1962.-St Johns Hospital Santa Monica, Ca.

Graduate California State University at Los Angeles

California and Los Angeles County Lifeguard

Author, Father, Musician, Clothier, Activist,Christian, American, US Army Veteran, philanthropist, Surfer, Skater, Snowboarder, Founder and former Executive Director of Venice Surf and Skateboard Association, Founder and Director of Venice Surf-A-Thon Surfing Contest now in 20th year, Original Venice Punk Rocker and co-creator of genre of Punk Rock known as Skate Rock, forming the predecessor to Suicidal Tendencies with Mike Ball, Carlos Egert and Eric “Froggy” Anderson. Ger-I” recent publication 1978 Crashed Memories details this period of his involvement in early the Los Angeles Punk Rock scene, the book chronicles Ger-I’s unusual anecdotes regarding the Germs especially his relationship with Pat and Darby as well as other notable Punk Rockers such as Ron, Gary and Lucky from Black Flag and Circle Jerks as well as Amber former girlfriend of his and Darby Crash. Ger-I is currently working the next instalment of his autobiography, 1980 Aloha From Hotel Street and a picture/chronological history of his diligent service / contribution to the World Surf and Skateboard Community. furthermore Ger-I has currently formed  and is fronting Venice All Stars, whose pedigree include former members of Suicidal Tendencies and FrontSide Grind. In addition to the previously mentioned info, Ger-I is a Judo Instructor at City of Industry Sheriff’s Dept Youth Activity League, a Kodokan Judo Black Belt studying under “Butch” Ishisaka, Steven Gonzalez, Isao Wada among other notable Judo Senseis. Ger-I is fluent in Japanese, German and conversational in Spanish languages. Finally Ger-I is a American Red Cross Instructor certified to teach Lifeguarding, CPR and First Aid


9 Responses to “ABOUT”

  1. Nice Cahill Tribute. R.I.P. Cahill.

  2. Sorry for leaving this as a comment—couldn’t find an email. I’m letting go of a brand new copy of Panciera’s ’45 Revolutions’ (the ‘Bible’ of UK punk) for less than retail and just thought you might know of some peeps that might be interested…


  3. Do you still have the Lexington Queen t-shirt?

  4. Andy Rodgers Says:

    Hey Geri,

    Not sure if your on here very much , but a while back now I bought Baby Paul Cullen’s personal rider off of you. It was signed ” To Jerry , your bor B Paul . I am hoping you remember this deck and was just wanting a bit of it’s history if you know of any .

    Thanks in advance…….


    • Yeah not alot of time to blog nowadays. PC gave me the board in the early 80s. Had it for a long while then flipped it when I had to lighten the load. Read my book 1978 Crashed Memories for more about PC. Thnx man.

  5. Lecia rand Says:

    Hi do you know how I can get in contact with Danny Spira?

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