Custom clothing brand 1978 @1616 Cahuenga , Hollywood ,Ca

Attention Fashionistas! The most original boutique in California is hidden right under your nose in Hollywood California!  Located just off Hollywood Blvd between Selma Ave, this gem of haute couture is owned and managed   by JoAnna Cataldo.  JoAnna a long time buyer at Fred Seagles, has opened 1616 Cahuenga for those who demand originality, exclusiveness and a litle Rock and Roll decadence! 1616 features exclusive brands such as Derek Hart, 1978 and Sharon Seagle who JoAnna has developed an exclusive womans line featuring cut & sew,and screen print  items that are only available at 1616! Furthermore 1616 showcases the talent of  the one and onlyRock and Roll Leatherrachi aka Calvin Durham. Calvan a Hollywood legendary leathersmith has made custom leather clothing and apparal for Rock and Roll icons the likes of Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, David Bowie, Tom Waits etc. Calvin is a true legend of Rock and Roll, having been in the business for over 35 years!   Calvin make the items on site and you can watch him make you a custom item if you desire.  Many musicians, celebrities, and artist purchase from 1616 such as Christina Aguilera and Anuhea


custom Blue JeansCustom Jeans $300.00

cutom Vintage Rock and Roll itemscustom Vintage Rock and Roll Tshirts $300.00

Sharron SeagleWomens custom fit tshirt size xs,s,m,l $25.00

Womans Tshirts

clothing 1616
vampire blouse 75.00

Vampire Lace blouse w/black skirt
detail leather halterCustom Halter 400.00
detail leather halter
Halter Belt and Jeans

close up custom Beltcutom Belt close up
Leather Belt $150.00
Cutom Leather Pantsclose up of hand stichingCustom Leather Pants $1000.00
orange fringe
Black leather bagBags$500.00
braclet $25.00

price list
Option 1 $25.00
Option 2 $75.00
Option 3 $150.00
Option 4 $300.00
Option 5 $400.00


Stop in and find very eclectic and one of a kind custom leather items! items for all budgets.

clsoe up of detail hand stiching!Brittney Spears

Leather crosses w/ leather gusset shorts.

and Alec Baldwin are clients of 1616. What I really enjoyed was the personal attention of the sales staff and no pressure atmosphere, one can just hang out and listen to music at leisure and the price range that  accommodates every budget. Do yourself a favor stop in at 1616 and treat yourself to something original!

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