Custom Surfing Skateboarding Trips

You will never guess. So close!

BAck Yard Pool!

Local knowledge at your service!I am a member of the exclusive Dogtown Family, founder and  former president of The Venice Surf and Skateboard Association. I have lived/surfed skated in Los Angeles/ California my entire life.

I speak German, Japanese and Spanish.

Do you want to surf /sk8 secrete off the beaten path, surf/sk8 spots? Surf/Skate a sacred legendary spot?   Or perhaps visit a part of L.A you have read about or seen in a movie? I know the locations, I have the access and knowledge others don’t. Perhaps you want to visit  the Sector 9 factory and meet the owner? Or the Lost surfboard factory? Or meet a legendary star ? Done!

Local shopping ,food and good vibes in California and beyond! Want to vist Compton, East Los Angeles? Well you better have a guide like me along! I will keep you safe as well as get you the hospitality reserved for hommies.

Hollywood night life and exclusive house parties? Done! Live like a local!

Perhaps you wish to surf Baja. OMSS has a house to stay at a private surf spot near LaFonda. Full camping gear provided for camping excursions. Price depends on the duration and location. All trips are customized to the customer’s prefrence For example a one day sk8 trip to several locations is $100.00. A 3 day trip to Baja is $350.00 per person accomodations included. You wont find this type of service from your run of the mill travel agency that is for sure.


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