collectable surfboards, skateboards, surfing and skateboard memoribilia items For Sale!



Just got a bunch more surf skate memoribilla for you collectors. Stuff you cant find anywhere but here! Check out these vintage Surf and Skateboard Magazines! 15.00 Each . Used

Severson cover $20.00
Surfing Horan $12.00
Very Rare Surf Magazine(East Coast USA) $30.00
There are about 300 magazines in the lot!

Just in some great old publications! The skateboarders Bible,
Hot Skateboarding $15.00
Surfing adventures    $15.00

Blue Cheer shop was on Wilshire Blvd in SXM. This square tail was given to me by Victor Torres a POP Meistro! href=””&gt;
Forgot were I got this one. PV Cove cruiser!
>Green Machine label
Photobucket George Greenough “Green Machine” 8’6″ dome deck, square tail missing fin. $500.00

Ken Bradshaw Personal board missing fins. 6’2″ triple bump swallow. $100.00


15 Responses to “collectable surfboards, skateboards, surfing and skateboard memoribilia items For Sale!”

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  2. On that Excel / Bounty Hunter L/S T-Shirt – does it fit you? if so – about how tall are you? (if it fits me I’d LOVE to own it).

    How much on the D.T. surfboard?

    my e-mail is

    • it is an xl long sleeve. it fits me a bit large. Im 6’1″ 48″ chest . It is a dope shirt. i can get dan to autograph it for you

      • **Hi Geri** you’ve got yourself some pretty cool skate memo’s.
        This is perhaps about a year too late, but ANY chance you still have that EXCEL xl LS.\?/ That shirts the bomb. I used to trade with Dan Clements, a longtime ago but never got one of those from him.
        Can you make me happy and your self some $$, and sell it to me\?/
        Much appreciation on this . Any beo-wulf-NoMercy, Excel;stuff ie” shirts=hoodeds…same goes id buy or swap for them.
        Keep up the cool website

      • sure bruddah, I still have it.$50.00 shipping included

  3. Want to buy the la county advanced patch

  4. sweet geri…F**&&ckin A Bro thanks…ill get that off asap. can you be a bro and give me a text message make sure we are “up to date” “on the same page” etc. 8 3 1 6 8 2 3 3 3 0. Ill check this board asap to see if you confirm. Thanks man made my day.

  5. Im interested in the green machine if its still available? Thanks Geri

  6. If you want to sell any 70’s and 80’s Surfer / Surfing mags email me. I’ll pay your asking price plus shipping to Bali where I’m at.

    • Go t ripped off by Bali and Java scamer sin the past. You can purchase through paypal no credit cards cash only.when payment is received you will get your shipment.

      • I’m a Canadain living in Bali for over 3 years. I can understand your concerns, as I am fully aware of the scammers around here. However I am not that. I will gladly pay you via paypal prior to shipping. If you want to send me an email with all your magazines (Surfer and Surfing plus Breakout if you have any) listed, maybe I can choose? And we go from there. Thanks.

      • Great! Please pay via paypal and you will receive your shipment of magazines!

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