You’ve Waited for it! This Ep includes the classic surf tune “Pray for Surf” as well as the nasty outro (not on Welcome to Venice Lp) “I can t help myself” purchase it here I will sign it for you! The one the only Front Side Grind! Venice! $6.00 including shipping!

The true story of a young guns induction into the world of L.A’s exploding Punk Rock scene. Delivered with a street honed panache that only hard won experience provides, Ger-I Lewis takes the reader on an epic journey through L.A’s underbelly. From his rough and tumble roots in Dogtown (Venice,CA) to the not so glitz of Hollywood, Lewis takes the reader on a rollercoaster tour of adolescent exploration and discovery. Accompany Lewis as takes you surfing and skateboarding with the Dogtown crew, details the origins of Suicidal Tendencies and holds no punches as 1978 shatters urban myths and mass misconceptions. Finally just as you are reeling from a flurry of action,Lewis delivers the knockout blow unabashed insider anecdotal commentary concerning Darby Crash, his life and untimely death. Includes personal photos of Germs , Darby Crash, Suicidal Tendencies, Wasted Youth and Dogtown. A must for anyone interested in L.A or Punk Rock History!
Forward by CR Stycek
Autographed Book -25.00 including shipping.
Special Blogger deal. Autographed copy of 1978 and 1978 T-shirt(specify size) 35.00 including shipping anywhere in USA!

I had read allot about L.A Punk, Darby Crash , Black Flag etc but there is never a mention of the Venice Boys on the set back then. We were completely glossed over. Well I knew Darby pretty well and in a different way than much has been written about him and Pat as well. Furthermore Mike Muir did not start Suicidal Tendencies. However 1978 is more than Punk Rock and surfing, 1978 is a tale of youth in L.A, unique, coveted and desired by many yet omniscient in its explanation of youthful desire and experience across the USA and the world.
I just had to set the record straight. Here is a snippet for you. oh by the way, plenty of skating action in 1978 and yes, I still skate!

“So what do you know about fucking?” Wendy then questioned. “Ever had a blow job?” “Yeah all the time,” I lied. Wendy sat on the toilet one leg propped up so I could see her G string. I was being dick teased and did not even know it.

>Attached is a book review of 1978 from Punk Rock Vault a site that is dedicated to PUNK ROCK

>Out of Sight Radio was kind enough to interview me on 1978 Crashed Memories Here is a link and write up.

Author Ger-I Lewis and original Venice Beach surf punk recalls meeting Darby Crash and becoming a Germs insider. All this and more, including the founding of Suicidal Tendencies, is covered in Lewis’ punk memoir “1978”


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  1. I can’t quite figure out how to order the signed book Brother?

    • Hi, I cant add buttons for paypal on WordPress for some reason, however you can go to paypal/ and pay there. be specific as to what you want to purchase. Thank you so much!

  2. Sent paypal for a signed book. Thanks!

  3. Thank you. Sending out asap! Enjoy!

  4. Hey, wanna buy it..where can I get it other than on-line??

    • hello, you can purchase on Amazon or for an autographed edition it’s $25.00 including shipping. go to paypal enter venicesrfsk8 for the payment. and I will send Thanx so much for your interest. Ger-a copy to youI

  5. An absolutely authentic voice of those heady times. I work with troubled teens, and they fairly rave about it…

  6. Awesome book!!!!!!

  7. hey man – how about an interview with you for my site? Shoot me a working email if you are interested! Cheers Al

  8. […] you would like an autographed and personalized copy of 1978 please visit for details.  Payment can be made to […]

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