Music-Venice All Stars & Front Side Grind

Ger-I Rockn @ Cinema lounge

Played the Cinema Bar in Culver City on 7/1/11

Thanks the photo Kathleen! Love you folks! Thanx for supporting FSG!

Waikiki Sandbox 10/21/10


Catch us if you can. Born in the streets of the Venice, California derived from the surrounding surf and skateboard culture, the legendary sound that has come to be known world wide as skate rock, has resurged in the form of The Venice All Stars. The pillars, foundation and creators of skate rock, original members of the Suicidal Tendencies (ST) and Frontside Grind (FSG) team up to destroy misconceptions and set the record straight as to the Suicidal culture. Don’t miss this chance to see, hear and feel the sound and energy that has created myths, monsters, and a history that will forever be imitated but never duplicated.


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