American Guide. Olympic Peninsula Rain Forest. Waddle Creek State Park.

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fvebuszeapgutgb0lqv5The western half of the  state of Washington’s rain forests are quite the contrast to the eastern’s  arid deserts, of  scrub trees, sage and cacti. Giant trees , ferns and other fauna grow immense with the abundant rain. Lush and dense hues of green and brown the forest surrounds and blankets the individual. I enjoy listening to the rain fall patter patter at times as well as a raging torrent beating  against the tent. Whether a mist or deluge or something in between the water from the heavens is a Constant.   The musky dampness of decaying detritus permeates the Olympic Peninsula rain forest and the gray clouds dip down to the earth like blanketing the forest like a lid on a pot.

Waddle Creek camp ground is just a few miles from the capital Olympia and is very convenient (and cheap) and pleasant site to bed down  if you happen to be site seeing in Olympia and do not wish to stay in a hotel.  The camp ground is staffed with a host and the park rangers come through often.

Mt Adams and Mt Rainier from Umtanum Ridge

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Often folks never consider the Pacific Northwest as a desert region yet the truth is pilgrim, much if not most of the region is arid high desert! The dramatic changes in climate, fauna and flora are a wonderful experience and unique Pacific Northwest experience. Sage brush, a few species of cacti, grasses and scrub trees abound in the chaparral of the Umtanum ridge.Elk deer, cougars,coyotes, bears and other animals abound and the fishing is world class The sights are splendorous and awe inspiring! Just take a look at the spectacular and magnificent mountains Mt Adams and Mt Rainier from the Umtanum Ridge line. The two mountains rise in the west in distance dominating, mysterious and white capped.

Jimi Hendrix Memorial. Renton, WA

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In my opinion three players actually changed the way electric guitar is played. First of all Les Paul, secondly Jimi Hendrix and finally Eddie Van Halen.

Jimi Hendrix the iconic and legendary guitar player confounded players such as Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck. When Jimi debuted in England, the already established soon to legends in their own right clamored to watch  and listen to Jimi play. They could not figure out what he was doing exactly nor how he achieved his sound. Just as Jimi confounded the brits he and entertains and inspires  million upon millions of people world wide.


Jimi’s memorial is in Renton, Washington very close to Seattle. The memorial is open to visitors most of the year. Three notables struck me about the memorial. First of all the lipstick kisses all over the marble facade and the lack of any mention Jimi is a US. Army veteran. Finally the simple markers at the front of the memorial listed an Ayako Hendrix. Being a student of Japanese and Japanese culture I was struck Jimi has Japanese ancestry in his family. Well, I would bet my bottom dollar Ayako is a Japanese name. In any as I am a huge Jimi fan I was pleased to make the pilgrimage.