The Venice Surf-A-Thon Sessions. Action!

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The Venice Surf-A-Thon Sessions is the working tittle for clips and promo on the documentary film I am producing and co-directing.

The effort capturing the unique impact 1/4 century of a surf contest ,that has become an institution for a community . That community has now come under the intense pressure of gentrification. Take a peek as Jack and Barry exchange salvos and memories.

A skateboarding Life.

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During 2010 I was ousted from a the organization I founded. A classic hostile take over if there ever was.  A significant amount of footage exists of the effort to bring a skatepark to Venice. Not much as to the hostile take over and eventual destruction of a community organization. It will make for an interesting book.

In 2016 Made in Venice was released. Years before I had signed off and took a paltry amount to wash my hands of the film project. My agent at the time advised to take the pay off as the film will in all likelihood never be released. Low and behold it did get released.

In my opinion many people got burned by the film maker of Made in Venice  monetarily,creativly or emotionally. A fe4llow that showed up about 2009 Eric Muse Barns, threw himself whole heartedly into the VSAvolunteering for the VSA. He did not get a mention and his work was ignored by the fim maker of Made In Venice. The begining of the clip is from a piece he shot documenting  the now defunct VSA.  The end  of the clip is from the Second Annual Surf-A-thon Skateboard Clinic in Mindanao.

Fellowship and prayer. Sometimes You got to Shout. Jesus gonna bring you out!

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imagesMinister Rocky picked me up and brought me to church. I was crying a lot in the presence of the Lord. The saints of City of Refuge put hands on me and welcomed me back, saying the have been praying for me non-stop. The Holy Spirit overwhelmed me as the Gospel of Jesus Christ was presented. Holy Spirit you are welcome here, I said as I raised my hands to heaven. I felt His spirit descend upon me and He said trust me, I have a plan for you.Don’t lean on your own understanding. I’ve brought you out from the wilds were I sent you. Suddenly my Hebrew from years ago came to mind and I shouted “Barukh ata Adonai Eloheinu, melekh ha`olam. Hallelujah Jesus!” The room began to spin as my tears freely ran. Folks were shouting and crying in the congregation as the band broke into old time uptempo, foot stomping gospel music. The Bishop Noel Jones preaching” You got to shout like Joseph commanded his people and they brought down the walls of Jeicho. Bring down the walls that are keeping you from your blessing!  Awwwwwwwww. Give Him praise! Bless Him!” Pastor Jones whipped the congregation into a frenzy of worship.  People were running by the pews and alter full speed. An 80 year old woman’s wig fell of she was shaking so violently, shouting, “Jesus”. Saints were falling face first onto the floor. Shouting, “Shake your neighbor and shout! Call out to Jesus, He is on the main line!

After hours of worship brother Rocky went to the market to buy fresh bread for our fellowship lunch. We had worked up an appetite. Standing in the check out line I noticed one of the Praise Team singers. I mentioned to her I enjoyed her anointed and powerful singing. We praised Jesus in the check out line.DSCI0082

After our fellowship meal Minister Rocky and I prayed for the Holy Spirit to bless the house, we prayed for the lost souls from our neighborhood by name specifically. We prayed for saints that have troubles. We prayed as we know as it is written in Jeremiah  33:3 Call out to Him as he hears us.

The following evening Brother Richard arrived and we talked as he shared his ministry trip with me. We had not seen each other in a year or so. As we  began to pray, my biological brother returned from his trip to sin city, Las Vegas were he had been attempting to fill the broken part of his  his heart with the women, booze, dope and gluttony. He joined our small circle as we began to pray to Jehovah Ropha healer, to heal broken hearts, to give us hearts of flesh not stone. I shouted asking Jesus to bring down these walls of separation.  It was a small miracle for my unbelieving, recalcitrant brother to join us. I don’t believe in coincidence. We are like an observer looking through a knot hole in the fence as a parade passes by. We see a limited and linear view of time. God is above, He sees the entire parade from beginning to end. He is the Alpha and the Omega.

He is outside our concept of time.

Jesus is worthy, He is able, He is mighty to save!