Venice Surf-A-Thon Sessions.

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]It was ghetto fabulous. It was rough and ready. Venice Surf-A-Thon Surf Contest Award The cellar at The Townhouse. Frank owned it and Steve ran the bar.Kid Caviar was my MC go to. I was a bit conflicted about posting and using the bikini contests in the Surf-A-Thon documentary but I have to be true to myself true to contezt and true to the neighborhood this is history. Like it or not This is who I was not who I am now this is what the contest was not what the contest is now it’s all just history.

25 years of Venice Surf-A-Thon. 1/4 century of surfing, and all that goes with it. This contest has been ignored by the aristocracy and power elitists of surfdom. From the musuems to the mags to the historians. This is not my story but your story. Beyond Dogtown & Zboyz, yet traces its history and orgins to those very crucial legends. POP gasped its last breath in 77 and its waves are long gone but those very burnt out pilings and embers stoked the creation of Venice Surf-A-Thon..It is the continuing tale of a neighborhood that for the most part ceases to exist. It is the last remaining rement of a culture that has not been sold to Madison Ave. This is Venice Surf- A-Thon.


Keep your head (up)

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Just a ‘ lil something about yoise truly. There was this whole group, that rejected me, when I returned from the army in “93. They thought they had some sort of lock on Venice culture esoecially this bully I called. “Rectangle”.
The funny thing was old locals like Dan Tanner, John Hands, Dennis Polar Bear Agnew, Randy Wright and Bruce “Dark Man” Garcia. Took up for me. When I began throwing the Venice Sur-A-Thon, the last of the VBWL which was Frosty, ( R.I.P) Tony, Gabe , Miles Davis and Robert Jorquez( R.I.P) wanted it and took up for me too.
I began the Venice skatepark project in ernest in 1993 also. It really was an effort, and stagnated and was gladhanded by politicians for a decade and a half until about 2000. You see the end result in with the completed skatepark in 2009. At that time a couple of people pulled a coup and kicked me out of the VSA after I formed a board of directors. I owned VSA as a DBA for two decades. I released 1978 Crashed Memories of a Punk Ricker in 2009 also ( forward by Craig Stecyk III) . The book shut down alot of the late comers .            ( anything after 1980) claim about creating the Venice Punk scene as well as the origins of Suicidal Tendencies before Mike Muir. I broke out the garage tapes of the fellas in my grandmother’s garage jamming before Mike Muir swooped up the guys to form S.T. The group included the Dunigen Bros ( R.I.P) Mike Ball, Abel Espinoza, Doug Smith, Carlos Egert, Eric Andersen, Bumbo Rick, Paul Cullen ( R.I.P) and myself. I am Very grateful to Jim providing me with a classic shot of us and Chris Cahil ( R.I.P) l at the Starwood night club circa 1979 for the book.
I used to feel bummed I was never included in any of these peoples events etc.They would put me down in the worst ways. Often I would have to defend myself physically especially at the Venice breakwater snd more often than not dispatched the bullies and loud mouths.
However some of the originators of the scene have been strong supporters of my efforts. They would encourage me and support me personally and with their companies product and endorsement Guys such as Skipper, Wes Humpston, CRS III, Craig Hollingsworth, Jim Muir. Michael Olivares, the old guard. I am very grateful for their friendship and support.
Now Venice. Surf-A-Thon is 25 years strong having served 2.5 generations of surfers. Thetefore, believe in yourself ask God for direction. If  you have a vision great but remember the vision is only a dream unless it has results. Stick to your guns and complete the task. It looks great on your resume lol.

Look out for the complete Frontside Grind Lp spanning the history of the band ( all members) including the garage tapes and live shows. 1978 Crashed Memories first run will cease printing soon and a revision is in the works also. My account of building the Venice skatepark will soon be published look or a 2019 release date.
Finally we are still in the process of shooting spots and interviews for the Venice Surf-A-Thon film. Thank you Lbcc Mvp, Venice Show for your unflagging support od the project.
This year is the Silver Anniversary of Venice Surf-A-Thon. 1/4 century of service to the community.Aftet all its your story.

Place you most likely will never skate. The Vermont Drop (Revisited)

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Welley well well! Back in the good old days, Vermont Drop aka The Funnel was a tribe gathering place for the initiated and soon to be.

Since I am back in Los Angeles, CA I decided to stop on by for a run or two. The Funnel a nondescript concrete drainage ditch in the flats of L.A County is nothing more than a place to dump garbage and smoke met. However  for many yet for skateboarders back in the seventies it was a destination to get an adrenaline high that has lasted me the better part of 50 years, It always nice to go home.