Japanese internment & Elimination DACA. A Logical and emotional Fallacy

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Nancy Pelosi’s statement as well as to a lesser degree  Michelle Lujan Grisham’s comparing President Trump’s decision to end the DACA executive order to the internment, confiscation of property and deportation of legal residents and citizens is a pathetic affront to the Japanese (Issei) and American citizens who suffered from President Franklin Roosevelt’s executive order 9006 in 1942.

To compare ending an executive order that has benefitted unlawful residents  to one that harmed legal residents and citizens is ludicrous. The only thing the two executive orders share is they are both unconstitutional. 9006 having been declared as such and DACA suspect but none the less unconstitutional in many legal scholars opinion.

Equivocating the two executive orders  is an absurd proposition. As I stated the DACA recipients reside in the USA unlawfully. The Issei were fully documented and immigrated to the U.S legally. The American citizens of Japanese decent were born in the country. These groups of people suffered tremendous loss of real property, civic and constitutional rights and dignity. For example many Issei were deported being subjected to a loyalty oath. Japanese-American citizens were subjected to the same loyalty oath while interned.

The preposterous frothing and postulating of Pelosi and Grishim equivocating the two groups of people is also an example of the ignorance of the politicians, their fear mongering and demonizing of a president and others that demand application of Constitutional rule of law. Eliminating DACA is required to ensure citizens receive their constitutional guarantees of civic participation and government guarantees of civil rights.

Politicians such as Pelosi and Grishim also reveal what they think of you John Q Public. They think you are an idiot. That you do know your U.S history nor care about your Constitutional or civic rights. They believe you will not or are unable to refute, rebut and combat their pandering, unlawful and dangerous support of unlawful immigration.


The DACA recipients receive special treatment/privileges  that citizens as well as those applying to immigrate do not receive. The special treatment of unlawful residents has reached such a critical stage that College Park Maryland has begun to allow the unlawful residents the privilege of voting in municipal elections. This precedent is dangerous. It devalues American citizenship by allowing those without citizenship the vote! The vote is the most critical and valuable tool citizens have to self-rule. Self government is a tenant of American liberty and is being usurped by this sort of dilution and devaluing. American Liberty is what Pelosi, Grishim, Ryan, McConnell and Newhouse among many others want to eliminate. They wish to create a subservient socialist worker class dependent on government handouts. The DACA executive order It is a scheme by politicians pandering to the unlawful immigrants to create a voter base beholden to a party or ideology that gave them something. Americans must see through this scheme and demand an end to this type of pandering and coddling of people not legally in the United States.

The DACA executive order must be dissolved. The “Dreamers” can get in line with American citizens and legal residents for benefits of American society. They are unfortunately were brought to the U.S without consent. However this is not an excuse to provide services and advantages American citizens do not receive.  I propose the “Dreamers” pay a fine as well as be required to serve the nation in military or civil service for a minimum of 2 years in exchange  for  conditional legal resident status and an opportunity for citizenship.




Places you most likely will never Skate. Santa Clara Indian Nation. Santa Clara New Mexico

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Just look at that sky! The clouds and scenery are absolutly spectacular in  and around Norther New Mexico. I’ve got a skateboard and I use it. I also share it and anything that my sponsors and folks donate to the cause. What is the cause youask? I am a skateboard goodwill ambassador.  Much like the Mindano skateboard clinics, the day started off with me finding a place to skate and knowing kids would see me.

On the Santa Clara Nation, there is a very good skatepark. That is all it took. It began slowly but a few stickers, Gateraids and skateboards later we were all having a blast. Friendships made for life and a good time for one and all.

I can say for sure if you give it away, the spirit will provide more to keep the mission moving. Thanks to Lost Surfboards, Arbor Skate and Snowboards, Carver Skateboards, Dogtown Skateboards, Bulldog skateboards, S-One Helmets, Heidi Lemon, Wax Research, ERic Muse Barnes.


Los Alamos, New Mexico We Got the Atomic Bomb.

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Visiting Hiroshima nad Nagasaki and having interviewed A-Bomb survivors while an undergrad of Japanese studies, my visit to Los Alamos is quite a juxtaposition in many aspects for me. To view the location where the people , ideas, material and science were sequestered, the A-Bomb constructed and to contrast or connect the devastation, loss of life and misery the devices created, was quite an emotional rollercoaster. The sorrow of the victims contrasting  triumph and curiosity, experimentation and research of science created a cognitive dissonance within me for certain. I had to compartmentalize much of it.

Being raised in the shadow of nuclear annihilation, these locations, people and artifacts were standard study in my schooling. Being interested in history for history’s sake and not a political agenda,  Viewing the Los Alamos sites and artifacts was quite thrilling for me.

One must understand so many historical variables and take them into account when viewing the artifacts and visiting the locations.

My visit left a memorable impression and is reason enough that statues memorials and the like must remain for posterity if nothing else