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Rio Grande Gorge Taos New Mexico

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Hello friends, its been a few. I’ve been on the road traveling 2200 miles all across the north and south-west in addition to catching some fire incident work. Therefore not much time to write or blog. I’m back on the seasonal rec crew with USFS. My assignment is Camino Real and Questa Ranger Districts. New Mexico is a wonderful state rich in history and natural wonders. Check out Rio Grande gorge! A regular stop for me is the Cebella Mesa and gorge area. It is magnificent. The camping on the gorge rim is not crowded in summer as it is very hot in the day but spring and fall are perfect and a bit more used than summer which is virtually vacant. The temp quickly drops in the evening to pleasant 60s and by early dawn it is in the 50s. Well pardner I will be posting more as time allows. Untill then hang ’em high and happy trails! Thanx for reading!


American Guide Deshutes River Area, Oregon USA

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DSCI0061DSCI0056These photos are  from the Deshutes River  area DSCI0058DSCI0002DSCI0017encompassing Trout Creek to Beaver Tail on the river. The bridge is in the town  of Maupin and the sage field enveloping the tractor is on the plain of Mt Hood. I especially like the clouds over Beavertail and the Barbed wire with Mt Hood in the background. The emptiness and great beauty of the region is very peaceful and pleasant.

American Guide #81 Downtown Los Angeles, California

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Brilliant and warm, no hot, yes today is hot in the City of Angeles! The sphere of hydrogen and other gases igniting in the solar system, millions of miles away lights up the Los Angeles late morning sky. I am on business in an ever burgeoning bureaucracy of entanglement, the federal government! Ever on the look out I notice the once hidden yet now very obvious to me. One must have the correct angle and enlightenment. Notice the oblique as well as obelisk the architecture and the arrangement and finally check the alignment. Check the Masonic influence and not so hidden purpose of it all.
Well friend if you can find this location and take the picture of the alignment with you in in the photo, I will send you a copy of 1978 Crashed Memories, a tshirt and a FSG limited and rare recording of Pray for Surf all signed and personalized to the lucky winner!



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