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West Texas Salt Flats USA

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Leaving Carlsbad, New Mexico the desert monsoons are a wonderfully violent and refreshing relief from the oppressive summer heat of mid August.

The Guadeloupe National Monument is among the many exquisite and quite beautiful natural wonders among the lonely and desolate road between Carlsbad and El Paso. The lighting and weather changes quite rapidly. I stopped in at May’s Cafe sand the monsoon down poor put out the electricity. May and her help cooked my breakfast by flashlight.  A band of 1% bikers, the Grimlords rolled in soaked to the bone. May knew them and they were very cordial. America is a fantastic and marvelous place.


Rio Grande Gorge Taos New Mexico

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Hello friends, its been a few. I’ve been on the road traveling 2200 miles all across the north and south-west in addition to catching some fire incident work. Therefore not much time to write or blog. I’m back on the seasonal rec crew with USFS. My assignment is Camino Real and Questa Ranger Districts. New Mexico is a wonderful state rich in history and natural wonders. Check out Rio Grande gorge! A regular stop for me is the Cebella Mesa and gorge area. It is magnificent. The camping on the gorge rim is not crowded in summer as it is very hot in the day but spring and fall are perfect and a bit more used than summer which is virtually vacant. The temp quickly drops in the evening to pleasant 60s and by early dawn it is in the 50s. Well pardner I will be posting more as time allows. Untill then hang ’em high and happy trails! Thanx for reading!

Substance Abuse. Rural America. Pomona, WA.

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20160704_160604Substance Abuse such a scourge across the land. Most often many of us never give thought to the rural communities and substance abuse. Pomona WA is a small rural town on the outskirts of Yakima, WA.





As I day tripped along the highway, I noticed the dilapidated stables and items for sale. As I entered the stables and conferred with the “proprietors”, the tell tale signs of meth, alcohol and all the degenerate, horrible and sad symptoms of substance abuse confronted me in the stench, decay and pathos of drug addiction. A sledge hammer of self abuse, abuse of others and what appeared to be animal cruelty. Pornography, meth pipes, rigs, and assorted garbage littered the stables as did the rotten teeth and open sores and skin eruptions on the faces of the three 40ish White men selling off the remnants of the horse stables.




I am told thoroughbred horses appear skinny but these animals looked starved. The entire set up is a testimony to moral and social decay of America and a oft overlooked results of America’s substance abuse dilemma. 20160704_160911