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Kachina Peak Taos New Mexico

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 Kachichina  Peak   is te second highest peak in the Sangre De Christo Mountians. Located in the Carson National forest in the Taos ski valley. Kachina Peak clocks in at almost 13oooft. Remarkably the chair lifts go to the top of the peak.  During a rountine patrol of camp sites and other maintanence duties the last site (Wheeler Lake Trailhead.) on my route up the Taos Ski Vally in the Questa Ranger District is actually adjacent to the privatly owned ski resort.  I drove to the saddle and bwas greeted by John Castillo who kindly suggested I take the lift up and have my lunch on Kachina Peak.

Spectacular my be to tame a word to describe the view. Perhaps Splendifiourus? As the rest of the southwest is roasting in triple digit heat. I am cooling out  at a collected 79 degrees. I decide to make a snow angel just for kicks after washing down my lunch with fresh alpine H20. So incredible the rise in elevation and various climates that can be experienced in just a short 45 min drive and 20 min lift chair ride! From the desert and high chaparal to alpine medows and snow! I sure hope I am around for ski season as Taos Ski Valley is world class!



Mt Adams and Mt Rainier from Umtanum Ridge

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Often folks never consider the Pacific Northwest as a desert region yet the truth is pilgrim, much if not most of the region is arid high desert! The dramatic changes in climate, fauna and flora are a wonderful experience and unique Pacific Northwest experience. Sage brush, a few species of cacti, grasses and scrub trees abound in the chaparral of the Umtanum ridge.Elk deer, cougars,coyotes, bears and other animals abound and the fishing is world class The sights are splendorous and awe inspiring! Just take a look at the spectacular and magnificent mountains Mt Adams and Mt Rainier from the Umtanum Ridge line. The two mountains rise in the west in distance dominating, mysterious and white capped.

Oak Groving On the San Seveine Ridge. San Bernadino National Forest

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San Seveine Ridge runs along the western edge of the San Bernadino Natl Forest. The rapid rise in elevation leads from scrub chaparral to oak groves, meadows and conifers. I like to get up here when possible to relax. Working in the canyon is a pressure cooker and it is nice to get above it all literally.