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Cebolla Mesa.Carson National Forest New Mexico, USA

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Standing on the rim of the Rio Grande gorge inhaling and exhaling the mixture of Sage , Pinion Pine and Juniper as several ravens heckle me, I notice a heard of Big Horn sheep just a stones throw away. Looking into the gorge a few hawks or eagles scout out their prey.

Just a typical early morning out on the Cebolla Mesa. The hike down to Rio Grande is arduous. The trail is slippery with alluvial rocks and debris. The accent is twice the effort as the rise in elevation is quite staggering. Yet the strenuous physical exertion is well worth the effort. The area is majestic!  My assignment for the day was to clean up an abandoned camp site, investigate a stump fire. I was allowed to burn most of the abandoned camp as it was not worth the effort to back out.  The Cebolla Mesa is quite remote and all the safety essentials and precautions are necessary to have a safe outing. The weather changes on the turn of a dime as vicious thunder storms and severe lightning and flash flooding are normal occurences. By the way Cebolla Mesa is onion table in the Spanish language. I have not found and wild onions yet however



Places you most likely will never Skate. Santa Clara Indian Nation. Santa Clara New Mexico

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Just look at that sky! The clouds and scenery are absolutly spectacular in  and around Norther New Mexico. I’ve got a skateboard and I use it. I also share it and anything that my sponsors and folks donate to the cause. What is the cause youask? I am a skateboard goodwill ambassador.  Much like the Mindano skateboard clinics, the day started off with me finding a place to skate and knowing kids would see me.

On the Santa Clara Nation, there is a very good skatepark. That is all it took. It began slowly but a few stickers, Gateraids and skateboards later we were all having a blast. Friendships made for life and a good time for one and all.

I can say for sure if you give it away, the spirit will provide more to keep the mission moving. Thanks to Lost Surfboards, Arbor Skate and Snowboards, Carver Skateboards, Dogtown Skateboards, Bulldog skateboards, S-One Helmets, Heidi Lemon, Wax Research, ERic Muse Barnes.


Los Alamos, New Mexico We Got the Atomic Bomb.

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Visiting Hiroshima nad Nagasaki and having interviewed A-Bomb survivors while an undergrad of Japanese studies, my visit to Los Alamos is quite a juxtaposition in many aspects for me. To view the location where the people , ideas, material and science were sequestered, the A-Bomb constructed and to contrast or connect the devastation, loss of life and misery the devices created, was quite an emotional rollercoaster. The sorrow of the victims contrasting  triumph and curiosity, experimentation and research of science created a cognitive dissonance within me for certain. I had to compartmentalize much of it.

Being raised in the shadow of nuclear annihilation, these locations, people and artifacts were standard study in my schooling. Being interested in history for history’s sake and not a political agenda,  Viewing the Los Alamos sites and artifacts was quite thrilling for me.

One must understand so many historical variables and take them into account when viewing the artifacts and visiting the locations.

My visit left a memorable impression and is reason enough that statues memorials and the like must remain for posterity if nothing else