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A skateboarding Life.

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During 2010 I was ousted from a the organization I founded. A classic hostile take over if there ever was.  A significant amount of footage exists of the effort to bring a skatepark to Venice. Not much as to the hostile take over and eventual destruction of a community organization. It will make for an interesting book.

In 2016 Made in Venice was released. Years before I had signed off and took a paltry amount to wash my hands of the film project. My agent at the time advised to take the pay off as the film will in all likelihood never be released. Low and behold it did get released.

In my opinion many people got burned by the film maker of Made in Venice  monetarily,creativly or emotionally. A fe4llow that showed up about 2009 Eric Muse Barns, threw himself whole heartedly into the VSAvolunteering for the VSA. He did not get a mention and his work was ignored by the fim maker of Made In Venice. The begining of the clip is from a piece he shot documenting  the now defunct VSA.  The end  of the clip is from the Second Annual Surf-A-thon Skateboard Clinic in Mindanao.


Brian Golden Rest in Peace Brother.

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Helpful, insightful and beautiful. Brian Golden you had the dance floor moves! Lets get this party started!

Oh man you were such a fun guy.

Moreover you had the wit and intelligence to punch and jab with the best of them Brian. A friend’s friend we could count on you to be around, good times or bad. You were as solid as a rock. A dear friend, a blessing and your support and help throughout the many decades is irreplaceable .Thank you for your photos and conversation, Your warmth, wit, sincerity, and genuine friendship.  I sure do miss you bro. You were a light in the darkness, a  helping hand when there was often none or very few around. My very sincere condolences to the immediate family, friends and the tribe. Aloha Nui Brian.

Made in Venice the “Documentary”

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When is a documentary film not a documentary film? Check it home boy. I hear from reliable sources the Made in Venice “documentary” is finished. Yeah I never thought the film would be made much less released. I signed off on it years ago and got my paltry penance of income and that is that. But I never said I would keep my mouth shut. I also hear I look good in it. Bahahha. I also hear the film is inaccurate and manipulative. I will reserve judgment and comment other than what I have stated until I see it. I missed the initial screening as I live rural and fight fires for a living now. However I may see it soon. I will keep you posted and believe me the book will be published. “How to build a skatepark in the sand and loose friends you only thought you had.” Bawawawaw!