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Brian Golden Rest in Peace Brother.

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Helpful, insightful and beautiful. Brian Golden you had the dance floor moves! Lets get this party started!

Oh man you were such a fun guy.

Moreover you had the wit and intelligence to punch and jab with the best of them Brian. A friend’s friend we could count on you to be around, good times or bad. You were as solid as a rock. A dear friend, a blessing and your support and help throughout the many decades is irreplaceable .Thank you for your photos and conversation, Your warmth, wit, sincerity, and genuine friendship.  I sure do miss you bro. You were a light in the darkness, a  helping hand when there was often none or very few around. My very sincere condolences to the immediate family, friends and the tribe. Aloha Nui Brian.

Rest in Peace Scott Adams.

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Aloha Nui Brother Scott.

Father, son brother, mentor, friend and surfer. Words alone cannot express the sorrow and great loss to the Surf-A-Thon family, Venice community, surfing tribe and the world.

Scott Adams an integral cog in the mechanics of Surf-A-Thon surf contest, Scott was there from the 1st contest to the 23rd.  Scott could be counted on. He was dependable and attentive to details. Often Scott would tabulate and catch the small details that make or break a surfer’s score to advance to the next round. It is a quality that shined through in his work as a lawyer as well. The details. Often he would take me aside and say, “You know Jer, you missed this” or “I think you should do it this way” Scott often mentored me in not only running a surf contest but life’s maze of situations and circumstances. Soft spoken with a kind heart, attentive listening ears and words of wisdom, Scott Adams a pleasant sight in the line up, your smile and friendship sure is a blessing. Condolences to the immediate family, Surf-A-Thon family and the surfing tribe world wide. The Paddle out for Scott is Mrch 4th 9:00am @ Venice Pier (CA)
Aloha Nui Scott Adams your friend Ger-Iscott

The 23rd Annual Venice Surf-A-Thon Results and recap

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The 23rd Annual Venice Surf-A-Thon Surf
Contest held at the Venice Pier in 2-3ft glassy conditions on Dec 10th 2016. The contest sponsored 19 surfers and 41 men, women and children competed in the contest  975.00 dollars were donated to MLD Christian Charity School Mindanao.  Everybody had a great time in the friendly low key but competitive contest. Many new participants and families attended as well as the crusty old barnacles who never fail to make it down to Venice and help out in one way our another. Local legend Joe Shmo called in from a very secure location and the live link up was broadcast via P.A to the crowd on the beach and pier.brock matt

The 23rd Annual Venice Surf-A-Thon Award Show featured Mitchell Schaffer, DJ Jacques and Frontside Grind performing live. The raffle was again a crowd pleaser as well as the pizza and product tosses.  Thank you one and all for helping make the event a success 23 years in a row!

Longboard:     1st Filipp Gladov 2nd PPvR 3rd Gary Maxwelll
Longboard #2   Norm Antonio 2nd Brock Meyeux 3rd Willy
Masters: 1st Jack Newkirk 2nd DJ Jacques 3rd Jeff Shelp
Womens 1st Savanna G 2nd Mary P 3rd Chole Shelp
Groms :1st. Isaac Fishman 2nd Fillip Gladkov 3rd Jaelen Kim
Mens : 1st Mattt Smith 2nd Gost Rider 3rd SteelHead