Back Bone Trail, Malibu, California USA

California Oak acorn

Located just a quick 25 minutes give or take from L.A cental, the Malibu Canyon area offers a fantastic variety of fauna, flora and terrain for the beginner to expert naturalist/hiker/adventurer. many species of sage, grasses, herbs, trees, shrubs and the like abound in the Malibu canyon. A few  favorites of mine is the California Oak,  California Black Walnut, Coastal Sage, California Yuka, and less common California White Alder. Just a few of the many species of wildlife include:  bobcats, coyote, mountain lion, Owls, rabbits, deer, hawks, crows, mice, snakes, gophers and rats.  The geology includes many forms of  strata including: igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rock, and a plethora of  geologic formations such as alluvial fans, deltas, gullies,thrust faulting, cliffs, stone runs and stacks.                                                                                                                     

Poison Sumac! watch out!The Back bone trail is well maintained and rises to about 1600' above sea level. The view of Malibu Canyon and the Pacific ocean is wonderful and it is quite intriguing to realize that a metropolis of 6 million plus is so close by.unknow flowers


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