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Friday, December 28, 2007

Thursday, December 27, 2007


The(VSA)Venice Surf and Skateboard was formed officialy in 2000 as the infamous Venice Pavilion was destroyed by the city of L.A. It is headed by Venice Surf-A-Thon founder Ger-I(Jerry)Lewis.The VSA’s main focus is to bring a world class skatepark to Venice,Ca. The presevation and historical recgonition of the indiginious sport/art of skateboarding and the Venice skateboard/surfing community’s contribution to the world of skateboarding and surfing. In addition, the VSA has focused on providing job training and jobs forthe community.Futhermore the VSA has provided surfing and skateboarding contest and demonstrations throughout the Los Angeles and greater Southern California region. Membership is open to all persons reguardless of race,creed, religion, sex and or nationality.
5th Annual Venice Surf-A-Thon

Once again the Surf-A-Thon was on.
> Rising at 4:30 I prepared for the contest loading up the car
> and hoping for decent surf(As the surf report had been
> dismal).At sunrise two rainbows and flat surf greeted Tall D
> and I.Slowly the usual and new comers filtered in and by
> 8:00am the groms were out in the water jostling for waves.
> The lack of surf did not stop the surfers from coming out to
> enjoy friendly spirited competition and the Men’s
> longboard division was hotly contested. The numbers are as
> follows:Total Surfers-46 Men-3o, Women-10, Others-6.Results
> are as follows:Men’s Longboard- 1st Brock Landlocke 2nd
> Tonan Ruiz 3rd John John Ramirez.
Girls S.B 1st Samantha, 2nd
> Stephanie 3rd Dolly Parton (Pearlas’sister). Girls L.B
> 1st Brooke Wavey,2nd Paloma Perez, 3rd Baily.Groms
> (14&Under) 1st D.Juiner 2nd Danny Coty 3rd Cameron
> Packhem. Masters 1st Jimmy V 2nd Tonan Ruiz 3rd D.Lion
> Men’s.1st (Japan) Haiya-kun 2nd (Germany)Meister Brau
> Willheim Toten Frauunfigger 3rd(USA) Sgt. SlaughterIf any> one has seen mystery girl Samantha,(Beach enrty surfed won
> and dissapeared) I have her trophy as well as Dolly’s
> and Haiya-kun’s). The after party was successfull as
> well as about 175-200 folks showed up to exhalt this years
> victors claim their trophy and reign in glory. From my
> perspective O.G Venice Beowulf set was the highlight of the
> entertainment. Shout out-Rumble’s guest apperance as he
> joined me on stage for a number.P.F.L ripped out cover punk
> rock.Thnx to DJ JoQ. Special Thnx to Frontside Grind, Venice
> Paparazi,C.Bonner for his hard work on the killer t-shirt
> art, Stage Manager Amy,BMFS,Mayorga Familia,Pat and John
> John for setting the Yuppies straight, the
> Judges,tabulator,runners and helpers,the surfers,the
> bands,the sponsors. I would like to welcome Maui and Sons
> and Roaring Lion to the VSA/Surf-A-Thon as well as thank
> longtime
> sponsors 15 years! SMA,Lost, Sector9, Dogtown.10 years
> Abbots Habit,Interiors Made Eezzy, BDS,Windward Farms
> (5yearsSkater Made, Cove.Next VSA sk8 contest is at Gilbert
> Lindsay sk8park Eastside L.A on Nov 29th. In service Ger-I
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Monday, July 14, 2008

VSA “Debris by the Sea Contest.

It’s on!
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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Gilbert Lindsay skatepark Office Vandalized

Gilbert Lindsay Sk8Park Office Vandalized. It sure
> did not take
> >> long. As soon as my staff and programming were
> eliminated as well
> >> as my hours cut, the bad seeds smashed in, stole
> all of the
> >> equipment and skateboards etc. Some of the posters
> and other stuff
> >> I have had for more than 30 years……
> >>
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Monday, June 9, 2008


A few of the thousands of documents pretaining to the construction and development of the Venice sk8park project.
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VSA Members

A few VSA members.Steven Stoval, Joshua, Dan Levy, J.Martinez ,Jaimie Quaintence, Eric “Tuma” Britton. Stoval , Joshua, Martinez and Quaintence photos -Lewis
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The images are from 2000, when our beloved Venice Pavilion was destroyed. Photo-Lewis

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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

SHAME on City of L.A

Serving the surfer and sk8r Nation! Help us help kids. If you don’t know the City of L.A has eliminated the budget for all L.A city sk8parks for the remainder of of 2008 and the fiscal year of 2009. I find it very disturbing that the priorities of L.A city don’t include the youth of the city. As sk8park director for Gilbert Lindsay sk8park, I know first hand the positive impact the sk8park had on the community.Gilbert Lindsay Sk8park located in one of the most crime ridden areas of L.A, (42 ave and Avalon Blvd) the Gilbert Lindsay sk8park was a source of inspiration and a safe haven from the thugs and criminals that roam the area. Not only did the program teach kids how to sk8, more importantly the program helped breakdown the walls of racism. Being the only White man in an area with all Black and Latino kids I was constantly bombarded with the bigotry and racism that has been instilled in the kids. However through sk8boarding these kids have been shown that compassion love and togetherness is not an alien concept, that we all have more in common than we are different.Now that our budget has been eliminated, and my one staff member layed off, the sk8park has began to deteriorate.The kids are being siphoned off by bad influences and I fear for their safety. VSA members had helped lobby and build this sk8 program. I have 30-50 kids ages 5-25 arrive daily to participate in sk8board related activities. The fiscal budget was only $30,000.00 for two staff as well as programing. The Mayor earns over$250,000.00 per year.City council members earn over $125,000.00 per year. Why is it the most disadvantaged, the poorest, the least educated are made to bare the burden of incompetent fiscal planning? Why are the highest paid not taking a pay cut along with the rest of L.A city employees? If All City council members took a 10% pay cut ( I have received a %25 paycut) along with the mayor, all L.A City sk8board programs can continue to operate.
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A few of our members after a VSA contest. Photo Dan @ Juice Magazine.
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Venice skatepark Plans

These are the plans for the Venice skateboard park. That VSA members have worked so very hard for. Ground breaking will be in Sept of 2008. See you there.
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Surf lessons and Lifeguarding.

Surfing Lessons by appointment or group. Group Lessons $30.00 per hour Private lessons $60.00 per hour. When researching lessons ask these questions of your instructor, Experience, qualifications, teaching ability. My qualifications include: L.A County lifeguard (15 years), Water safety instuctor, First aid instructor,L.A county competition swim team coach, Field Manager L.A County Underwater Unit( South Aquatics),Founder and Executive Director of the Venice Surf-A-Thon Surf contest( 15 years annual).All life saving and first aid certifications are current and available for public inspection upon request I have been teaching surfing, scuba and swimming to children and adults for the past 25 years. Wet suit and board( hard or soft) included in your lesson.In addition VSa offers privite lifeguarding events at pools and privite homes) and swimming lessons.
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Friday, May 16, 2008

July sk8 Contest

Sk8board Contest
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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

It’s on again ya’ll. If you want to submit a film or short or contribute just holla!
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Monday, December 21, 2009

New!! VSA is offering a limited run of Donor medallions. The hand forged crafted medallions are available to show appreciation to VSA supporters! Jesse an avid prospector found the original medallion metal detecting on Venice Beach about 15 years ago. The design is from 1906 Venice Plunge Salt Water Baths.
Bronze medallion-$150.00
99%Sterling Silver medillion-$250.00
18K solid gold medallion-$1000.00
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Hey everyone thanks for your support to make the VSA Thanksgiving Massacre contest a success!Your contribution and enthusiasm is what makes the VSA great, Winners all!  Polar Bowl:1st Shane Borlin, 2nd Skreech, 3rd Alan Shepherd. Snake run:1st Killer, 2nd Shane Borlin, 3rd Jamie Q.
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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Congratulations are in order!The venerable rag Thrasher Magazine awarded Chris Cole the coveted THRASHER Magazine Sk8r of the Year! Typical SF cold rain did not damper the spirits of 600 or more revelers and the gracious host, the one and only THRASHER Magazine! Wahoo fish tacos , A mini ramp and liquid lubrication by Pabst warmed the crowd. VSA crew represented Venice well and Homies CRS111, BMFS,Goto, Mofo BFox, Nickles,,Cab,Hawk,Lance,Trujillo,Gutter,Jack Curtin and others were lurking about the hulking warehouse as well. As the event was held in a 90 year old military warehouse, the acoustics unfortunately were unintelligible, as JPhelps mced the videos. Phelps lived up to his cantankerous reputation as SFPD interceded in an on stage altercation between Phelps and G.Rowly. With order restored, Chris appeared elated as he received $2000.00 and a nice trophy. Thanks, THRASHER!
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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Contest is on!

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Monday, November 30, 2009

VSA News 11/30/09

Hello all VSA members met with IIth district City Councilman Bill Rosendahl recently to discuss the LAPD intent on enforcing the helmet ordenance starting Dec 1st. First of all I would like to say that council Rosendahl’s office is genuinely concerned with the safety and wellfare of the skaters.Specificly what was discussed is the language of the ordanence. The ordenance has been written specifically for skate-parks. The Venice skate plaza is deemed a “plaza”for this very purpose of circumventing the ordanence. The VSA is of the opinion that the LAPD interpretation of the state law is incorrect. Mr. Rosendahl has been in contact with the City attorney and the Pacific Division LAPD captain concerning the issue. VSA recommends at this time to bring your helmet to avoid a ticket. VSA will keep you advised of the situation and any developments. BTW the contest is on for Dec 19th “Educate and inform the whole mass of the people…They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of liberty.”- T. Jefferson
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Friday, November 20, 2009


VSA weekly game of Sk8 winners @ Gilbert Lindsay Sk8prk at 42nd and San Pedro in L.A on Friday 9/20/09. Thanx to Ghosttown and Dwindle for the swag! Winners! Pedro, Josh, Timmy, Raul, Steven, Beto,John, Lil Slip rock. Volunteer! Contribute! It makes you feel good.
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Contest postponed!

Thanksgiving Massacre contest postponed until 12/19/09. Sorry for any inconvienence. Cya then!
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Friday, November 13, 2009

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

respect the V (vest)

V stands for Venice, Victory and Volunteer! We need your help to keep Venice ” Polar Bear” skate park clean and flowin. You know what I mean. Love they neighbor sk8r!
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16th Annual Surf-A-Thon Results!

Well the surf was 1 ft and dribblin yet the 16th Annual VSA Surf-A-Thon went off again! 22 men women and children showed up to surf , compete and have a good surfing time.Results from SurfAThon 2009. Congrads to all the winners Hyden Anderson,Brook,Tyler Packem, Melenie Berry, Mary W, Jimmy ,William Staton . Matt Veltry, Eddie Morales. Thanks to Vic for the photos thanks to all the sponsors and to all for your help and participation.
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Advocacy! Tired of being f#@ked by government?

Had enough of government bail outs of the banks and private industries that created the depression? For god’s skate the country is above 10% unemployment! Raise your voice if you want anything to change.We want jobs, respect , education for our tax dollars! We got the park built by demanding our tax dollars be spent for our needs. Do you want $200.00 ticket because you dont want to wear a helmet? Do you want your skatepark covered in spray paint, trash, urine and debris? The time is now! Join VSA to advocate skaters and surfer rights and the FREEDOM to choose, VSA members will be present to express concerns over LAPD policy @ Venice “Polar Bear” skateboard park,
73-7011 West LA (310) 575-8461 Westchester (310) 568-8772
November 9, 2009
Contact: Nate Kaplan-(213) 473-7011Rosendahl, MAYOR to HOLD COMMUNITY MEETING WITH
Public InvitedWho: Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa
Los Angeles City Councilmember Bill Rosendahl
LAPD Chief-designate Charlie BeckWhen: 6:00 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.
Tuesday, November 10, 2009Where: Mar Vista Recreation Center
11430 Woodbine Avenue
Los Angeles , CA 90066What: Los Angeles City Councilmember Bill Rosendahl and Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa invite the public to attend a community meeting to get to know LAPD Chief-designate Charlie Beck, who was recently appointed by the Mayor.Beck’s introduction will be followed by a “Question and Answer” session with the audience. The public is encouraged to express their priorities and concerns to the newly appointed chief in public meetings throughout the City before the City Council votes on his confirmation later this month.

Villaraigosa announced his appointment of Beck on November 3 to replace Chief William Bratton, who stepped down on October 31. Beck is a 32-year veteran of the LAPD.

This message was sent to by:

Councilman Bill Rosendahl
200 N. Spring Street, Room 415
Mailstop 218
Los Angeles, CA 90012

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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Venice, L.A belong to us!

LAPD’s policy on the VSA’s Community Watch of The Venice Sk8prk is unfair,unproductive and anti social. Jesse myself and other volunteers clean gaffitti, tagging, trash and other crap out of the skate-park every morning, It is clear the LAPD cannot or will not secure the sk8prk against vandleism.The LAPD evicted the VSA from observing/watching the park against this type of action but allow homeless vagrants every night to misuse the sk8park and surrounding area. Let us examine a peculiar quandry.Why do the police ask citizens to be responsible and be pro-active on their official web sites(neighborhood watch) and policy, when in fact LAPD has prohibited the activity? Why are productive citizens being discouraged from participating in protecting and beautifying our community? (as this is a constant request of government). We are in the midst of a great depression if you somehow were caught unaware. The community despreatly needs investment from within as well as from established resources.If we are prohibited as citizens and a community from striving to become self sufficiant and provide the community proper guidance, instruction, care and be a “Shinning Light on the Hill” to others we are doomed to destruction. “Get up, Stand up, Stand up for your rights”-Bob Marley
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Helmet Law

Unfortunately the helmet law that was enacted with the help of Jim Fitzpatrick and IASC will be enforced by LAPD starting on Dec.1st. VSA is voicing concern over LAPD policing policy to LA City Council and Mayor’s office as the stance LAPD is taking is outright profiling. The specific concern is creating an environment of criminality by issuing tickets to kids and adults in the skatepark (when others outside the skatepark are not subject to the same ordinance).What we do not want is a 3.5 million dollar skatepark that is not used because of police action, just take a look at the Culver City Skatepark. The VSA is of the opinion that the helmet law is unfair and was enacted without proper research and should be investgated for conflict of intrest and other inappropriate intrests of IASC.Perhaps you are unaware but skateboarding has been included in the hazardous activities list which is a list of activities that an assumed risk is involved in participation of said sport.This being the case the municipality is released from injury or death liability. This inclusion in (HAL) is enough protection and any criminalizing of skateboarding is highly unadvisable.The VSA is in favor of an ordinace that is akin to the helmet law in place for bikes-18 and younger wear helmets. An adult can make their own decision.
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Friday, November 6, 2009

“ThanksGiving Day Massacre” Skateboard Contest

Its on! The name says it all, VENICE! First ever contest in the “Polar Bear” skatepark! You want in? holla quick or be left out in the cold.
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“Blood Alley” time trials and race results

Held on Oct 30. Best slam-Darell, Death Race Winner-Darell, Time trials Winner-Killer Time:12:00 thanx Juice MagazIne, BDS and Sidewalk Cafe 4 prizes!
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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Dropping In.

Thanks to all who have helped out to make Polar Bear Memorial Skatepark a safe, clean, and happy place to skate. I met Asher and his dad Tom at Gilbert Lindsay Skatepark( a sk8prk VSA helped open up with SPAUSA) on 42nd Ave and San Pedro.I told them to come to the V sk8prk and they have not left yet. 5yrs old or 50yrs old, the stoke will never leave you.100% SK8R!
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Friday, October 16, 2009

Let me take you back in time, to 2000. The pavilion had been crushed, skater Mecca (Venice Pavilion) razed! Our tribe gathered to make council and VSA rallied in front of the dozed rubble of hundreds of millions or steel, clay and urethane dreams. A demonstration for a skatepark took place; we rallied, petitioned, spoke and endeavored to build the dream. OH! Detractor and posers you will never fathom the personal toll to the many good folks who lent a hand in the struggle. To my skater brothers and sisters who are not on this earth to enjoy concrete nirvana, VSA salutes you! R.i.P Polar Bear, Paul Cullen , Big Fern, Dillon, Whitey, Mike Smith, Thumper,Pat Sleeper.Check this out.The issue with the sk8park is not homelessness. It would be fantastic to train and employ the disenfranchised in some capacity as to ensure integrity of the sk8park. However it is simplistic to think that to “give a homeless person a flashlight” will help anything at the skatepark or is realistic. Unfortunately the people trashing the park don’t skate or care about the sk8park. These people are defecating, smoking dope, fornicating and or using the facility for the wrong purpose. These same people who are trashing the sk8park , did not lend a hand when VSA and L.A City arrived @ 6:00am to clean up their mess. Lets call a spade a spade and not B.S each other.
Erroneous information and heresy will be sussed out and exposed as fraud. After all, I missed you at the California Coastal Commission hearing in 2001. Oh you didn’t hear about that? Well surely you were at the hearing in 2003 at the West L.A Purdue office to secure funds to remediate Danson oil well? Oh not there either? Well how about the very first Venice Coastal Development Plan in 1989 at the paddle Tennis courts? You can of course get my drift. Posers step off. Heritage, tradition and pride cannot be bought or sold it is instilled and earned one broken bone at a time, one frontside air at a time.
In any struggle you will have detractors, defectors and an attrition rate, it is a result of warfare, any good soldier will tell you that. “Man, we have been doing this for 30 years”-Jesse Martinez
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Monday, October 12, 2009

LAPD evicts VSA Night Community Watch

VSA members were evicted from night community watch on Oct 12 @ sundown. Sgt Reyna informed VSA members that due to legal ramifications and issues such as bonding and insurance the VSA is unable to watch and or secure Venice skatepark from vandals and the like at the sk8prk after dark. VSA will consult with attorneys on the matter as well as City Council and County DA’soffice on the matter. I wish to congratulate VSA members/volunteers who have done an excellent job providing a diligent, safe, vigiliant and professional team of volunteers.VSA members and skaters are upset and saddened as within 10 miniutes of being evicated ,the skatepark was overrun by BMX and rouge skaters.It is obvious the LAPD cannot secure the skatepark 24Hours a day and I fear what carnage awaits in the morning.I want to add that Sgt Reyna said the VSA is providing a neccessary function and he appreciates what we have done but it is a legal issue. VSA will continue it’s day hours skate patrol and grounds clean up as scheduled. We need you, John Q skater to join us in the fight for jobs, education and respect. Power to the People!
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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Body Count!

Hello all and thank you for the fantastic turn out on OCT 3rd. VSA is really stoked to welcome all the new personal members as well as the core supporters and volunteers. Getting the park open was only one mission of the VSA and now the real difficult task of maintaining the integrity, cleanliness and safety of the sk8prk has begun. VSA volunteers have staffed the sk8prk with trained volunteers with expertise in the administration of skateparks. In addition the VSA is assisting L.A City Recreation and Parks with the removal of sand and grounds maintenance of the area. Furthermore VSA members have participated in training with L.A County & L.A City Fire, and (already) one evacuation of skater from the street course. With L.A County Fire. Here are some numbers to numb your brain, In 3 days we have had 4000 visitors to the sk8prk! As soon as the sun rises there are sk8rs ready to roll and @ 6:00 there were 10 sk8rs ready to drop in. Accidents and injuries include: broken collar bone, separated shoulder, broken pelvis, broken ankle, knee laceration, chin laceration, VSA members assisted in the first aid of 3 of the accidents. Attention VSA needs your support and volunteerism! We need volunteers that are willing to become trained in Red Cross CPR and First Aid and posses an understanding of skatepark operation and youth culture. If you can volunteer for a 2-hour shift your help will go a long way. VSA also need flashlights, batteries, sleeping bags, space heater etc for the volunteer night watch. Please respect the park respect Murray and Doug’s killer Venice PB mural on the silo. The sk8park needs YOU!
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Monday, September 28, 2009

A few of VSA members.
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Monday, September 21, 2009

VSA Sk8board Decks now available

VSA is proud to offer the finest quality sk8board decks available only with membership purchase. Purchase includes deck t-shirt and sticker. The decks are made by Santa Monica Airlines and are hardrock
Canadian maple. Sizes are 33″ pool deck, 29″ pocket rocket street cruzer and 8.25 popsickle deck.

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Monday, September 14, 2009

It’s on again. Holla if you want to sponsor or surf. We need folks to help out. Runners, tabulators, Judges etc. $20.00 entry fee includes Tshirt and entry to awards party.
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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Dedication Day.

Ok everyone the day you have been waiting for is Oct 3rd 2009. The “Dennis Polar Bear” Agnew Memorial Sk8 park will open to you! Enjoy! Many thanks to all that have made this dream a reality.There is still much work to do and in fact the hard part of the project has just begun. The VSA was not only established to build a skatepark but to represent and protect the rights of the surf and sk8 community. The VSA has been in operation for almost 15 years officially however not many jumped at the chance to help us and to those companies and individuals who have been down with our cause I thank you, 16 years Sector 9,
SMA, Lost, Venice Breakwater,Dogtown,BMFS,1978,Abbots Habit and Fresh Jive 10 years BDS,Juice Magazine, Skatermade and Windward Farms.Furthermore truly amazing is all the kooks that have contacted VSA in recent weeks, making claims,demands and soliciting VSA. Look, you all know me and my dedication to core surfing sk8n, and the uplifting of our community as well as the VSA Board members. I’m sorry if you feel I have been rude or abrasive and blunt with you, if this has been the case. That being said where were you 10 years ago when we were in San Diego fighting for a sk8prk instead of an ice skating rink the city had been planning? Where were you when Jesse M. made an unscheduled, unannounced L.A City meeting that was planned to thwart VSA efforts in bringing the plan before the California Coastal Commission? We are proud and committed to the Venice Sk8/Surf heritage and our roots.Legitimacy is something that is earned and not bought. In service, Ger-I VSA
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Monday, August 31, 2009


VSA email has been hacked. If you have not received VSA membership,please send payment info to Apologies to all.
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Saturday, August 15, 2009

L.A time article

City agrees to give activists ‘first dibs’ on new Venice skate park
A skateboarding group was outraged when ASA Entertainment advertised Supergirl Jam as the park’s debut event. City parks officials say that was never the plan: ‘They are not using the new skate park.’
Skaters are eager to use new Venice facilitySkateboarder John Smith, 20, practices his jumps at Venice Beach, where the L.A. parks departmentÂ’s $2.5-million skate park is slated to open in the fall.*After spending more than 15 years fighting for a place to show off their kickflips and ollies, a group of Venice activists weren’t about to sit back and let commercial promoters skate off with their work.So Warner Bros. Consumer Products and ASA Entertainment won’t be inaugurating the Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks’ new $2.5-million public skateboard park at Venice Beach after all.The two companies last month announced that their Labor Day Supergirl Jam would be the premiere event at the new three-basin skateboard complex next to the Venice boardwalk near Windward Avenue.The event would be “in conjunction with the opening of Venice’s amazing new beachside skate park,” the companies bragged in a July 24 announcement. The female skateboarders “will be the first to compete in Venice’s brand new skate park, christening the unique course with their skill and finesse.”

Members of the Venice Surf and Skateboard Assn. reacted as if they’d been smacked with a concrete face-plant.

“Did these people think we just fell off our skateboards yesterday?” fumed Ger-I Lewis, an association leader who helped the city plan and oversee construction of the new park.

Another longtime Venice skater, Anthony Converse, said the Supergirl Jam announcement “has the local community and greater skateboard community in a near-insurrection level of outrage and feeling of betrayal.”

Outside the construction fence, skateboarder John Smith gazed longingly at the unfinished basins. “We have to have first crack at it. It’s wrong for an outside group to get first dibs,” the 20-year-old said.

Last week, various skateboarders and skating groups complained to parks department officials, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and Venice-area Councilman Bill Rosendahl that the opening of the skateboard park should be staged by and for locals.

“Without this group of concerned citizens, there would be no public skate park in Venice,” they wrote in a letter bearing the names of a dozen people.

This week, parks officials agreed. They pledged that “the people who have been waiting forever for that skate park will be the ones” who inaugurate it and skate there first.

“It was never intended” that a commercial event would be the first to use the 16,000-square-foot park’s three swimming-pool-size basins, its rails and half-pipes, said Lydia Ritzman, principal recreation supervisor for the Venice area. “They are not using the new skate park.”

She said the park may not even be completed by then. No opening date has been set, but Ritzman pointed to late September or early October.

Supergirl Jam’s use of Venice Beach is still tentative. “We’re trying to find a place for them,” Ritzman said.

Warner Bros. officials referred inquiries about the Labor Day event to ASA Entertainment.

ASA Chief Executive Rick Bratman said the televised Venice Beach event will go on and will even include a snow-packed ramp for snowboarding. He said the skate park announcement was “a horrible miscommunication” by “publicists who put out the wrong information.”

But parks department spokeswoman Jane Kolb said it may have been a case of wishful thinking.

“I think that by announcing it, they assumed it would be true,” she said.

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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

You must think we are all fools.

VSA Board members meet with L.A City Rec and Parks Representatives( RAP) on 8/3/2009. RAP reps(Victor, Lydia and Al) were in full government damage control as the three attempted to deny any knowledge of the ASA skateboard event “Super Girl”.However the three jesters did admit to to permitting the other two Super Girl events. You are kidding me, right? Did these three think we just fell off our skateboards yesterday? RAP Lydia said, “I have no knowledge of a permit being issued for the Grand Opening of the Venice Skatepark” Come on! So Warner Brothers and ASA are going to issue a press release on the A.P wire to promote the Super Girl event with the “exclusive” use and “grand opening” of the Venice Skatepark without a permit for skateboarding?!!Ludicrous! The VSA board members pressed the RAP about film permits, grand opening and youth programing. As the meeting adjourned, it became apparent that these three kooks had know idea who or what the VSA is or what we have accomplished as an association. Just as clear is what type of shenanigans took place and this is what I suspect went down concerning the “Super Girl event”. Victor is the Venice Beach Recreation Manager, he issued the permit without consulting VSA making to look like a star, VSA found about about it and blew it up. Now RAP has egg in their face so they send in damage control with some lame spin on a misunderstanding.The bottom line is the VSA stopped the ASA event from being held at the skateparK and ASA will have to bring in their own ramps.Graciously the ASA have offered the VSA a booth at the “Super Girl event to which we will most humbly accept and appreciate the offer. You can be sure the VSA will continue to be vigilant as to the community’s investment at the Dennis Agnew Memorial Skatepark.We will continue to protect and voice surfers and skateboarders interests!
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Monday, July 27, 2009

VSA News/ 7/26

Hello, I cut and pasted this from a web page- The Supergirl Jam kicks off {Labor Day weekend when, on September 6, the Snowboard Rail Jam and Skateboard Street elements of the Supergirl Jam will hit Venice Beach in conjunction with the opening of Venice’s new beachside skatepark. The skateboarders will be the first to compete in Venice’s brand new skatepark, christening the unique course with their skill and finesse. Some of the top skaters expected to compete include Vanessa Torres (Anaheim, CA), Elissa Steamer (Fort Myers, FL) and Amy Caron (Huntington Beach, CA). The Supergirl Jam will also feature a demo by some of the world’s best inline skaters competing for a $2,000 prize for best trick.Just steps away from “muscle beach,” the snowboarders will take on the challenge of conquering a massive snow mountain with more than 80,000 pounds of snow on the beach in the coolest rail-jam competition of the year. Top female snowboarders are set to compete including Supergirl Ambassador Chanelle Sladics (Newport Beach, CA) and Raewyn Reid (Calgary, Alberta”}.Let it be known that the members of the VSA will not tolerate this event or any others that have not been approved by VSA. The VSA is the sole community organization DIRECTLY responsible for the creation of the skatepark. We will not allow L.A City Recreation and Parks to upsurp the VSA’s efforts and or steal the VSA’s RIGHT to celebrate organize and produce the Grand Opening of the Dennis Agnew Memorial Skatepark, Futhermore the VSA has reached out many times to L.A City Recreation and Parks to establish some type of repor however the VSA has only been given the cold shoulder. It is aparent that Recreation and Parks is coniving and scheming as all the depart sees is $ signs. L.A City Dept of Recreation should be ashamed of themselves. It is truly unfortunate that the Department of Recreation and Parks has choosen to snub the VSA and angry at being ignored by Dept of Rec and Parks who did absolutly nothing to get the park built and have absolutly no experience in running a skatepark and or program.
We as citizens are fed up with being stolen from by government
beurucracy.For over 20 years the VSA has lobbied and clammored for the skatepark.Futhermore The VSA has created a
way to employ youth and provde youth programing for the greater L.A community as the City of L.A is laying off
and furlowing workers and we WILL NOT be recognition denied our hard work. .
Sincerely, Ger-I Venice Surf And Skateboard Asssociation
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Monday, June 29, 2009

Equal opportunity.

To begin, Venice has various activities to take part in among them weight lifting, basketball, handball and roller skating. Each of these activities has a designated area to take part in said activity. L.A City Rec & Parks Dept has continued to ignore the needs of skateboarders and/or communicate with the VSA when a special event permit is issued for an event such as the Ecofest, film permit etc.Specifically, the above mentioned activities were afforded space(note barricade on B.Ball courts) so that their activities could continue without interruption. However skateboarders had their entire area rented out to the Ecofest event effectively closing the area to any skateboarding.Unfortunately this is not an isolated incident and has been a regular occurrence despite many letters and personal objection and complaints from the VSA demanding equal and fair treatment. Furthermore despite the fact the L.A City Rec & Parks Dept had absolutely no interest in the skatepark and did nothing to help secure the park and or funding for the sk8park, the Dept is head over heals in attempting to subvert and sell out VSA’s efforts to ensure sk8boarding remains part of Venice culture. This being the case, the VSA will no longer stand by as the Rec & Parks sells sk8boarding out and we demand fair and equal treatment.
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Friday, May 29, 2009

new email address

The VSA email is
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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Girls Tshirts available!

Thanks to Sue Lovely 4 the support and photo! Join the VSA!!
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Saturday, April 18, 2009

VSA Banner Stolen

The VSA banner that BJ hand painted was stolen from the skatepark, if you see it please recover and return it. Don’t get got slipping!
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Friday, April 10, 2009

Not For Sale.

Sit down and read for a second as I want to tell you a little tale. 10 years ago a group of local lifelong sk8boarders banded together to lobby the City of L.A to build a sk8park after their beloved Venice Pavilion was demolished. Much as David and Goliath, the fledgling platoon of sk8boarders took on a near insurmountable task, unknowingly entering into the lion’s lair of L.A City politics. By 2000 The platoon of sk8rs(by now known as the Venice Surf And Skateboard Association(VSA)) had grown to company size and had held several protests/sk8board demonstrations to arouse public awareness of their battle for a world class sk8park. The first obstacle on the path to construction turned out to be the L.A Kings Hockey organization of all people. It turned out that the L.A Kings had a back door deal to exchange advertising for venture capitol. Imagine, a City Counsel member’s Sr Deputy assistant had plans for an ice hockey and ice skating rink where there was once the very alpha centre of sk8boarding culture. Well, the VSA opposed the Kings/City Counsel deal. A showdown came to head in San Diego at a California Coastal Commission(CCC) hearing in April of 2000. Fortune smiled upon the sk8boarders as the CCC deemed the Kings plans not within the parameters of the CCC requirments. Amazingly the City Council switched sides and supported the construction of a sk8park. This small victory was only the beginning of an incredible series of negotiations, campaining and lobbying that eventually led to the 2009 construction of the only sk8park in America on the sand. The VSA has direct involvement in every stage of the process on the road to completion of the sk8park including the design and construction. Through the years the VSA has supplemented it’s cost of doing business by providing skateboard and surfing clinics, demos, contests. In addition the VSA is providing mentoring and jobs to adult and youth participants. The VSA has been supported from a core of loyal sponsors that have continued to invest in the future of skateboarding.. However now that the sk8park is nearly done companies such as Redbull and Quiksilver that refused to support VSA efforts, have been throwing $$$ at the L.A City Rec and Parks to get the naming rights to the sk8park. Hey! Attention! Check this out, the sk8park will be named after a fellow Venice Sk8boarder, the legendary Dennis “Polar Bear” Agnew (RIP). The VSA will accept nothing less.
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Updated Venice Sk8Park Plans

Designed and Tweeked by Da Kine, Brah.
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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Venice Skate Park Construction up date

The construction of the Venice Skatepark is way ahead of schedule. The crew has been gang busting! Jesse Martinez is always on point making sure the pour is correct.
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Monday, March 30, 2009

VSA membership CPR and First Aid Certification deal

VSA blog site membership special. I am a L.A County Lifeguard and Certified Red Cross Instructor. VSA offers CPR ,First Aid and Water Safety certification. Fee includes course material (books) $60.00 for each course or $160.00 for all three. Certification is through Red Cross. Be prepared.
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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

VSA members showed up @ the site of the Venice Sk8park construction zone to celebrate the Official Groundbreaking of the sk8park. Well done everyone! 

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VSA One “Hit Wonder” Contest Results

19 sk8rs showed up to compete for prizes and trophys@
, “The VSA one hitter”Contest @ Gilbert Lindsay.Held JAn 31st 2008.Results Best Trick George Gaston, 1st place Rodello. 2nd Place Joshua Germ, 3rd place Steven Stoval. Photos BMFS
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Monday, January 12, 2009

Venice Skatepark News!

This past Saturday morning, Zach sent us the latest plans for the park. We printed the plans and met with Christian Hosoi, Pat Ngoho and other skaters at Culver City skatepark in the afternoon. Christian, Pat and Jesse Martinez made slight changes to the bowl from our original design.The changes to the bowl call for a softer hip and a bit more curve on the opposite wall from the hip.

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SA documents

In response to the libel published on FB by ”Rectangle” For 25 years I have been slandered and threatened by Rectangle and group that follows this fellow. I have never done anything to these people other than provide a convenient target for them to vent their frustrations of inadequacies and until today turned the other cheek to their hatred. However the libel I cannot stand for. I never stole anything from VSA, Jesse Martinez or Tony Converse as a matter of record, I owned VSA lock stock and barrel until recently wheres I donated it to the Non Profit group.I owned it because no one else would take the responsibility involved. Liability, taxes etc. Pay close attention to “Sole proprietorship”

SUNDAY, MAY 23, 2010


Hello all and goodby all. I have resigned from VSA. It has been a great ten years.The sk8park is built and VSA has gone none profit. I will leave this up blogfor posterity. Ger-I

MONDAY, APRIL 19, 2010

VSA wants to say THANK YOU to SMA and AquaTech for their long time support!


VSA forming advisory board

Hello all, the VSA has become offically a non profit organization. In compliance with VSA by laws, the VSA is forming a 10 member community advisory board. Requirments include: VSA membership, an affiliation or membership/ enrollment in a community based organization and/or a business ownership.



mORE pICS! Thanks Everyone!!!

VSA Fund Raiser!

Hello all and THANK YOU! for supporting the first ever VSA FUND RAISER ART SHOW!! Here are some pics featured artists B-Saric, Mitch Reiter, Laura Cataldo, Tonan, Dean Ichiyanagi,Steve Shelp, Ron Kushner!


VSA Fund Raiser March 5th 2010

VSA will be hosting membership drive and fund raiser/recognition night @ Abbots Habit. VSA volunteers are in need of landscape and grounds maintenance equipment for the skate Plaza. If you are interested in volunteering or contributing contact
As of 1/19 Olsen, Ger-I Lewis, Rum, B-Saric, Laura Caldona, Matt Biolas,Tonan,Sonik (Bay area) Rum,Doug Smith, Slim, Craig Bonner, (NITE N WEEKENDS) Vercelli, Cahill,BMFS, Jesse Martinez. ReyRay,MSK.
All medium is acceptable. 50/50 split w/artist & VSA.



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  6. […] Ger-I Lewis, the man who brought us the Venice Skatepark.   Here is a message from  Skate park Association of America’s Heidi Lemmon:  “If you were there, you know Geri Lewis was the driving force behind the park. He brought everyone together, and many helped, including Jesse, who also took over VSA after the park was built.  But Geri was the one who fought the city for 14 years. 100% support from Terri Craft at Juice Magazine! Dan Levy Terri Craft Susanne Melanie Berry Lance LeMond *Scott Brown made the first documentary.   Stay up to date with Ger-I via his site […]

  7. […] Ger-I Lewis, the man who brought us the Venice Skatepark.   Here is a message from  Skate park Association of America’s Heidi Lemmon:  “If you were there, you know Geri Lewis was the driving force behind the park. He brought everyone together, and many helped, including Jesse, who also took over VSA after the park was built.  But Geri was the one who fought the city for 14 years. 100% support from Terri Craft at Juice Magazine! Dan Levy Terri Craft Susanne Melanie Berry Lance LeMond *Scott Brown made the first documentary.   Stay up to date with Ger-I via his site […]

  8. […] Ger-I Lewis, the man who brought us the Venice Skatepark.   Here is a message from  Skate park Association of America’s Heidi Lemmon:  “If you were there, you know Geri Lewis was the driving force behind the park. He brought everyone together, and many helped, including Jesse, who also took over VSA after the park was built.  But Geri was the one who fought the city for 14 years. 100% support from Terri Craft at Juice Magazine! Dan Levy Terri Craft Susanne Melanie Berry Lance LeMond *Scott Brown made the first documentary.   Stay up to date with Ger-I via his site […]

  9. […] Ger-I Lewis, the man who brought us the Venice Skatepark.   Stay up to date with Ger-I via his site […]

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